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Barracuda CudaTel Communication Servers

The CudaTel phone system is a server: just put it in the rack next to your Active Directory, Exchange, Windows and Linux servers. VoIP is just another application on your network and with CudaTel, you can finally manage it that way. See more.

CudaTel PBX servers are designed so your IT staff can manage your phone system. This means you save money when you no longer need to call the "phone guy" when you have a problem. CudaTel is easy to install, provision and manage because it is designed for your IT staff, not a proprietary telephony company.

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Barracuda CudaTel Communication Servers Barracuda Energize Updates
CudaTel Communication Servers will support unlimited users and includes every available feature.
Barracuda Energize Updates deliver access to the most up-to-date firmware for the latest features, updates and enhancements for your phone system.
Barracuda Instant Replacement Contracts
Barracuda Instant Replacement licenses will replace your failed CudaTel Server if the failure cannot be resolved.