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Cisco Telepresence System 3210 - CTS-3210

Cisco CTS-3210

Cisco CTS-3210

Cisco Telepresence System 3210
Price: $103,019.99
Product Condition: New. Factory Sealed.
Warranty: 90 Day Manufacturer
Brand: Cisco
Manufacturer Part Number: CTS-3210

Stock Status : In Stock
Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks

Description Technical Specs

Cisco TelePresence System 3210

The Cisco TelePresence System CTS-3210 is designed for use in large group meetings with up to 18 participants per room. The Cisco TelePresence system combines life-size, ultra-high-definition video (1080p), spatial audio, and a specially designed environment, with interactive elements that create the feeling of being "in person" with meeting participants in remote locations. The CTS-3210 allows you and other participants to communicate naturally and effectively on-demand.

For the large, distributed organizations operating in the global economy of today, the Cisco TelePresence System 3210 offers the power of Cisco TelePresence technology to larger rooms with more participants. The CTS-3210 system is ideal for headquarters sites or large regional offices and will enable large teams to meet and collaborate virtually, even when many of the team members are in one physical location. The system features a seating capacity for up to 18 participants in a single room, and delivers the same superior video and audio quality as is expected from the Cisco TelePresence portfolio.

The Cisco TelePresence System 3210 can be used in large team meetings, cross-functional team meetings, and training or classroom events. Now, Cisco TelePresence systems can scale to fit your organization's wide range of meeting needs, both present and future.

The Cisco CTS-3210 is designed for large group meetings with many participants in a single location, and connects to other satellite groups in remote locations. It will deliver an equal seat at the table for participants during uses such as operations reviews, status-update meetings, quarterly meetings with clients or partners, executive presentations, or any other type of meeting requiring staff to be present, including:

  • Large team meetings: The seating capacity for up to 18 participants in a CTS-3210 room enables the local team to meet in one room and use Cisco TelePresence technology to connect with remote members of the team.
  • Cross-functional groups: With extra seating capacity critical stakeholders from many organizations can participate in the Cisco TelePresence session. Since the attendance at cross-functional meetings can vary widely, the extra capacity of a Cisco TelePresence System 3210 provides the flexibility needed for these events.
  • Training: For both corporate training and distance learning applications, the Cisco CTS-3210 will allow you to interact with experts and guest lecturers from one or more remote locations. The large room capacity of the Cisco TelePresence System 3210, in addition to the proven video and audio technology of the application, brings the immersive, virtual meeting experience to larger venues and bigger audiences.

Benefits of the Cisco CTS-3210:

  • The Cisco CTS-3210 consumes less power than the Cisco CTS-3200
  • The Cisco TelePresence System 3210 delivers a better data-share experience, when compared to the Cisco TelePresence System 3200
  • High-definition cameras provide high-quality, high-definition images, with excellent eye contact and no necessary user operation
  • Full-duplex, CD-quality audio provides a rich audio experience without latency or interference from mobile devices
  • The system includes optimized lighting and audio quality
  • Integration with common enterprise calendaring programs makes call start and controls easy and automated
  • Impromptu meetings let you meet "in person" with another Cisco TelePresence endpoint at just a moment's notice
  • Network integration ensures reliability with high availability, security, and QoS for an optimal experience. Highly secure communications are enabled by encryption of both video and call signaling
  • Secure and reliable inter- and intracompany calling becomes possible

Cisco CTS-3210 Features:

  • Seating Capacity for up to 18 participants ensures that larger teams can still effectively use the solution for virtual meetings and collaboration
  • Excellent audio and video quality, even for second-row participants lets all of the facial expressions and visual cues required to participate in a meeting clear to each user. Advanced audio clarity, overtones and nuances make you feel like everyone is in the same room, delivering the same virtual in-room experience as the Cisco TelePresence System 300
  • Power and Ethernet connections for each participant lets participants use their laptops to access critical data for the meeting, join a Cisco MeetingPlace or Cisco WebEx session, or stay in-touch and productive throughout the meeting.
  • Connections for up to three additional graphics displays allows you to show graphics content from the meeting in multiple locations for the convenience of the participants.
  • Room for 10 or more additional seats along the back wall gives the extra capacity for spectators, not takers or overflow. Others, who may have limited or no active roll in the meeting can still listen to and see the meeting. This option does require a larger room than the minimum depth dimensions.
  • Use the existing conference rooms: no risers are required for second row seating allows you to install the TelePresence System 3210 in an existing conference room with a minimum of room reconfiguration, which makes the room more of a conference room and less of a "stadium." With a two-table second-row option available, you can accommodate either 14 or 18 participants in the room.
  • Upgrade kit available to convert the CTS-3200 to a CTS-3210 and take advantage of improved data display experience.

Cisco TelePresence System 3210 Package Contents:

  • (1) Primary Codec
  • (2) Secondary Codecs
  • (1) Presentation Codec (optional)
  • (4) 10m Ethernet Cables
  • (3) 3m HDMI-to-DVI cables
  • (5) Black, 3m Ethernet cables
  • (1) DB9 Cable
  • (1) 3m power jumper cable
  • (1) 6m HDMI-to-HDMI cable
  • (80) 8” Cable ties
  • (40) Cable tie holders
  • (3) Cable management bars
  • I/O blank: large
  • I/O blank: small
  • White touch-up paint bottle
  • Screws
  • Washers
  • Serrated Washers
  • (2) Black buffer strips
  • VGA Module
  • Printed list of fasteners
  • (3) Compliance labels
  • Label sheet for power and signal cables
  •  “Please close” label
  • Cisco TelePresence Meeting quick reference document
  • Cisco TelePresence 3010 Assembly, use & Care, and Field Replacement Unit Guide (pointer to online document)
  • (3) 5’ light fixtures
  • (2) 4’ light fixtures
  • (1) 40” LCD Display
  • (2) Speaker Wire Harnesses
  • (4) Speakers
  • White speaker screens and associated hardware for mounting speakers and LCD display
  • (6) Power/Ethernet I/O Modules
  • (4) Power Distribution Units
  • (4) Power Cords
  • (3) Microphones with extension cords
  • (1) Cisco TelePresence Audio/Video Extension Unit with mounting accessories
  • (1) Auxiliary Control Unit
  • (1) Cisco Unified IP Phone 7975
  • (1) Spare lights for light fixture
  • (3) 65-inch HD Plasma displays
  • (1) Camera assembly

Privacy Panels:

  • (1) Privacy panel, left
  • (1) Privacy panel, right
  • (1) Privacy panel, center
  • (1) Privacy panel, end
  • (1) Privacy panel, left
  • (1) Privacy panel, end, right
  • (1) Privacy panel, end, left
  • (1) Privacy panel cable tray
  • (1) Privacy panel cable divider

Camera Target:

  • (2) Horizontal Bars
  • (2) Vertical bars
  • (1) Tabletop camera target: small
  • (1) Cardboard ruler
  • (1) Tabletop camera target: large

Display Stands and Supports:

  • (3) Display stands
  • (2) Left angle bracket
  • (2) Right angle bracket
  • (1) Camera bracket kit
  • (2) Display shelf support arms for left display
  • (2) Display shelf support arms for right display
  • (1) Display shelf support arm, left-center (with hinge)
  • (1) Display shelf support arm, right-center (with hinge)
  • (3) Monitor mounting plates
  • (12) Spool studs
  • (12) Spools
  • (2) Spool locks, right
  • (2) Spool locks, left
  • (1) Diamond-shaped connecting plate


  • (2) Top reflector support bracket, inside (for center display frame)
  • (2) Top reflector support bracket, outside (for right and left display frame)
  • (3) Sets of top reflectors, left and right
  • (1) Mounting bracket for audio/video extension unit
  • (1) Mounting bracket for auxiliary control unit
  • (2) Side reflectors
  • (1) Top reflectors
  • (1) Top reflector transition piece, left
  • (1) Top reflector transition piece, right
  • (2) Corner reflectors
  • (2) Side reflector support bracket
  • (2) Rear cable tray
  • (1) Diffuser, top left
  • (1) Diffuser, top right
  • (1) Diffuser, center
  • (1) Diffuser, side, left
  • (1) Diffuser, side, right
  • (2) Light cups for side reflector


  • (1) Tabletop section: center-right
  • (1) Tabletop section: center
  • (1) Tabletop section: center-left
  • (24) Wooden biscuits
  • (2) Left tabletop hinge
  • (2) Screws and dowels for tabletop hinge
  • (12) Cam lock rods
  • (20) Cam lock
  • (1) Tabletop section: right wing
  • (1) Tabletop section: left door
  • (1) Display shelf section: right
  • (1) Display shelf section: center
  • (1) Display shelf section: left
  • (4) Tabletop legs
  • (1) Tabletop leg for door
  • Table hinge safety strap
  • (2) Tabletop: Section 5
  • (1) Wood top accessory kit
  • (1) Tabletop: Section 1
  • (1) Tabletop: Section 2
  • (1) Tabletop: Section 3
  • (1) Tabletop: Section 4
  • (1) Tabletop End, Left (Section 6)
  • (1) Tabletop End, Right (Section 7)

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