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"How to"
VoIP Phones

How to Install a VoIP Phone

By: Carlos Hathins

Check that the phone is interoperable with your phone system. For example, a SIP-enabled VoIP phone is often compatible with Asterisk or another open source phone system. The best source for this information is the phone’s manufacturing, which may feature regularly updated compatibility indexes or other resources.

Popular phone systems: SIP-based, SCCP-based, Microsoft Lync.

It’s also important to note that you should test the phone immediately after purchase. Leaving the phone in its box until you need it could mean you’re stuck with a broken phone that’s long past the return date.

Note: These steps will vary by model.


Plug the phone into the network switch via the Ethernet cable. If the phone and the switch are enabled with PoE, power will be supplied to the phone through this single Ethernet cable and no AC power supply is necessary.

If an AC adapter is included, plug it in to the nearest or most convenient power outlet (unless the phone features PoE and you would rather use that method).


Depending on the model, some phones will automatically configure. Other models require user input to configure to the network.


Test the phone quality. Make a few test calls to ensure that the phone is operating without any problems. Some problems can be remedied by adjusting the phone system or the phone itself. Other problems could be hardware related.


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