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IP Phones - By Number of Lines

Designed for VoIP systems, IP Phones aka VoIP phones are designed to connect directly to VoIP voice platforms like VoIP phone systems and VoIP phone services. VoIP phones are available in many line appearance configurations and have various options including: backlit screens, PoE capability, multi protocol support e.g. SIP or SCCP, and speakerphone capability.

IP Phone Warehouse features the largest in stock array of VoIP phones including those from brands like: Polycom, Cisco, Snom, Grandstream, Aastra, and Yealink.

Single Line VoIP Phones 2 Line VoIP Phones
Single line VoIP phones  are designed for users who handle low to moderate amounts of telephone traffic.
IP phones are available with two lines to give users the telephony features they need at a low price.
3 Line VoIP Phones 4 Line VoIP Phones
VoIP phones with 3 lines are for use in heavier call environments and deliver high voice quality and performance.
IP phones with 4 lines are available from manufacturers such as Polycom, snom, Cisco, ZyXEL and more.
5 Line VoIP Phones 6 Line VoIP Phones
VoIP phones featuring 5 lines are designed for moderate to heavy telephone users.
6-Line IP phones are great for users taking high volumes of calls.
8 Line VoIP Phones 9 Line VoIP Phones
IP phones featuring 8 lines deliver many business-class features and performance.
With business-class features, these 9-line phones are ideal for integrating into a telephony network with a receptionist managing the lines.
10 Line VoIP Phones 12 Line VoIP Phones
VoIP phones with 10 line appearances provide power users with one-touch connectivity to other extensions or numbers.
For attendants and other high-volume power users, 12 line IP phones provide the capacity needed to handle many calls.
16 Line VoIP Phones
A 16-line VoIP phone enables users to view and manage a busy phone system from a single console.