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ClearOne provides innovative conferencing solutions to small businesses and enterprises. These solutions are available as conference phones, USB-connected conferencing devices and more. Daisy chain multiple ClearOne devices together to expand coverage. IP Phone Warehouse carries the ClearOne conference phones and all of the accessories in between.

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ClearOne Categories

ClearOne Conference Phones

ClearOne Analog Conference Phones

ClearOne analog conference phones feature full-duplex loudspeakers and three built-in microphones to provide unparalleled voice input and output. Plug-and-play connectivity makes installation easy.

ClearOne Chat Conference Phone

ClearOne Chat Conference Phones

ClearOne Chat conference phones connect to compatible desktop phones and other devices to provide instant audio conferencing. They are a portable and cost-effective conferencing solution.

ClearOne Accessories

ClearOne Conference Phone Accessories

Accessories for ClearOne conference phones include batteries, converter cables, accessory kits and anything else to fully enable your ClearOne conference phone.

ClearOne Microphones

ClearOne Conference Phone Microphones

Enable comfortable voice communications with microphone expansions for your ClearOne conferencing phone. Allow every participant to be heard.

ClearOne Conference Phone

ClearOne IP Conference Phones

ClearOne IP conference phones are expandable with additional microphones and loudspeakers, as well as featuring daisy-chain capabilities with multiple units.

ClearOne USB Conference Phone

ClearOne USB Conference Phones

ClearOne USB conference phones attach to compatible PC's, phones or video conferencing systems. The USB connection supplies power and voice to these personal loudspeaker-microphone combos.

ClearOne Wireless Conference Phones

ClearOne Wireless Conference Phones

Wireless conferencing solution enable you to take the conversation anywhere. ClearOne pioneered this market with the first wireless tabletop conference phone.

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ClearOne Chat 170 ClearOne Chat 170 Microsoft Lync Conference Phone
List Price: $429.99
Price: $319.99
In Stock
ClearOne Chat 150 USB ClearOne Chat 150 USB Speakerphone
List Price: $399.99
Price: $299.99
In Stock
ClearOne Chat 150 VC ClearOne Chat 150 Conference Phone
List Price: $449.99
Price: $339.99
In Stock
ClearOne MAXAttach IP Conference Phone ClearOne MAXAttach IP Conference Phone Bundle
List Price: $799.00
Price: $529.99
In Stock
ClearOne Chat 50 USB ClearOne Chat 50 USB Speakerphone
List Price: $124.99
Price: $94.99
In Stock
ClearOne MAX Wireless Analog Tabletop Conference Phone ClearOne MAX Wireless Analog Conference Phone
List Price: $599.00
Price: $599.00
In Stock