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Polycom CX Phones

Polycom CX series endpoints are designed to seamlessly integrate into your Microsoft Lync environment. USB speakerphones, desk phones and conference phones maximize your existing investments in Lync and offer an incredible range of features.

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Skype for Business Gets Personal with the Polycom CX Series

Phone calls used to come through one device: the phone. Telephones come in all shapes and sizes now. They fit in your pocket, they reside in your computer, they’re out in the public—they’re everywhere!

If you like a good old-fashioned experience paired with cutting-edge technology, try the Polycom CX series. The series features desk phones with Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business software built in. Rather than plugging into your SIP phone system, the devices plug into the USB port on your PC to interact with a VoIP softphone.

Don’t have Microsoft Lync or Skype for Business? Then you might not know what we’re talking about. A little history first… Microsoft Lync has been discontinued and replaced by Skype for Business. However, Microsoft Lync still exists where businesses haven’t upgraded or replaced it with Skype for Business. Like anything new, there’s going to be some pushback. For posterity, we’ll call the whole thing Skype for Business.

Skype for Business is a unified communications platform, meaning that it brings together several types of voice, video and messaging applications under one umbrella. The platform has a VoIP softphone client that is accessible through your PC. If you’d rather not make phone calls with your keyboard and mouse, the Polycom CX series gives you a familiar desktop phone interface for the client.

Think about it this way… cell phones are super convenient, but they aren’t always the most comfortable devices. Holding an overheating mobile device to your face for an hour straight can strain a lot of different parts of your body. Sometimes, what’s familiar and ergonomic is a better choice.

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Outlining the shape of the series

Polycom CX series phones have USB connectors and Skype for Business software built in. The phones can plug-and-play with your PC’s Skype for Business VoIP client. The first benefit comes from the CX phones’ familiarity, while the second benefit comes from Polycom’s incredible voice technology.

Phones in the series range from the Polycom CX100 speakerphone to the Polycom CX600 phone. The series also used to feature Lync-optimized video conferencing systems, which have since changed to the Polycom RoundTable series for Skype for Business.

The Polycom CX300, CX500 and CX600 all have a keypad, handset and other features familiar to a traditional desktop phone. The Polycom CX100 is an outlier, with only a speakerphone and a few buttons dominating the device’s face.

Those in the know… know

So why not just use your PC’s audio or a headset with the Skype for Business softphone client? A lot of people do. The equipment isn’t a problem for some.

New employees might fumble with something like a VoIP softphone, especially if the only phones they’re used to interacting with are the desktop or mobile types. For other people, using a device they’re familiar with just makes more sense.

And then there are those who are undecided or in the middle. A softphone might be fine and the convenience of a familiar device might be better, but who knows? The deciding factor for those that know the VoIP industry is the CX series manufacturer, Polycom.

Polycom has played a significant role in crafting VoIP into what it is today. The nearly one thousand patents that Polycom holds are proof positive of their influence. Wideband audio, the proliferation of the SIP protocol and the modernization of the conference phone are only a few of their achievements.

It’s no wonder that the partnership between Polycom and Microsoft continues to strengthen, year after year. Microsoft certainly recognizes Polycom’s contributions and path towards future success. That’s why the first products to be revealed for Skype for Business were from Polycom. Part of the reasoning can be linked to Polycom’s existing UC products, like the CX series.

Polycom voice technology makes the difference

The Polycom CX500 and CX600 phones feature Polycom HD Voice technology. HD Voice technology is more than a fancy buzzword. It describes the hardware and software that powers the clearest, most lifelike voice quality in the world.

Polycom’s decades of audio and telecommunications expertise have resulted in some incredible technological feats. Foremost is HD Voice technology, which makes every call sound as natural and true-to-life as possible. The phones can reproduce every nuance and subtlety of the human voice that can easily be lost in other sub-standard phones.

The reason why video conferencing is so popular is because it makes people feel as though they’re in the same room, and collaboration and productivity increases. In the same way, Polycom HD Voice technology does the same, by making callers sound as though they’re right next to you.

Polycom HD Voice technology includes wideband audio, Polycom Acoustic Clarity and overall design. Wideband audio has twice the frequency response and resolution of ordinary phone audio. Acoustic Clarity technology features full duplex, echo cancellation and noise reduction for making two-way communications more natural, removing audio problems and blocking background distractions. The design of HD Voice brings all of these components together to make calls better than on any other platform.

Of course, we understand if you’re biased of our opinion. It really has been proven time and time again that better communications can promote a better workplace, however. Considering Polycom’s strong history of innovation and invention, we don’t doubt that their products are some of the best available. If you really want to take control of your Skype for Business client, the CX series is at the top of our list.