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Spectralink Phones

Spectralink wireless phones include the 8000 series WiFi handsets and the 7000 series DECT handsets. Both series are tough and rugged, ready for the demands of today’s fast-paced industries. Find handsets that support sterilization procedures in hospitals, resist rapid wear and tear in manufacturing plants, and with compliance to biohazard standards.

Spectralink also builds handsets designed for the office, such as the Butterfly models. Handsets with barcode scanners are ideal for warehouse employees. Safety alarms in several of the models can notify emergency personnel or managers when an employee is in distress. More powerful models can access vital information on the spot, ideal for nurses and healthcare workers.

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About Spectralink Phones

Spectralink knows that mobility is an important part of many workplaces. A workplace isn’t just an office, either. It’s a factory, a warehouse or a dangerous industrial plant. Doctors, nurses and health practitioners are constantly on the move from patient to patient, with people needing them at a moment’s notice.

DECT and WiFi phones from Spectralink enable workers and employees in a variety of environments to communicate as one cohesive unit. Cover your entire facility or building in a blanket of wireless telephony.

Spectralink IP Phones Buyer's Guides

Buyers GuideSpectralink Phone Buyer's Guide

Overview of Spectralink's wireless IP phones, including Wi-Fi and DECT phones, as well as a brief company bio and general considerations before purchase.

A helping hand for healthcare

Paging systems are an excellent way for hospitals and healthcare facilities to communicate with personnel on the floor. The problem with this solution is that it is loud and intrusive. Pages echoing up and down the halls can easily disturb resting patients and disrupt their general wellbeing.

Equipping your staff with Spectralink phones gives them instant access to the information they need. Doctors and nurses can communicate through messaging, rather than interrupting each other in the middle of important conversations or tasks. Total noise in the facility goes down and tranquility goes up, creating a much better environment for personnel and patients both.

Hospital workers can also receive updates from alarm and alert systems. Integrate Spectralink solutions with patient monitoring systems and building security systems, letting a single employee watch over many parts of the facility at once without having to run laps up and down the halls.

Healthcare environments are more peaceful, and information is being sent and received more efficiently through Spectralink telephone solutions. Many phone models are also resistant to liquids and physical damage, letting them take on a variety of messes that healthcare workers typically encounter on a daily basis.

Five Reasons to Choose Spectralink Wireless IP Phones

1. Secure wireless connections.

2. Customer-focused solutions.

3. Advanced mobile VoIP features.

4. Interoperable with SIP protocols.

5. IP Phone Warehouse offers support for all Spectralink products..

Popular Spectralink Wireless IP Phone Features

• Panic/duress buttons.

• Walkie-talkie capabilities.

• GUI with web browser.

• Barcode scanners..

More responsive retail environments

Two-way walkie-talkies allow employees, managers, stock room personnel and anyone else in a retail environment to communicate efficiently. Other solutions like paging systems and phones provide the same means of communication.

TSpectralink builds phones that can take advantage of your existing networks, like phone systems and WiFi access points. Rather than deploying new cabling and hardware, you can set up the phones and other telephony equipment with your existing infrastructure.

TThe phones can do more than provide voice communications. Employees and managers can text back and forth, instead of potentially interrupting each other. Also, workers in loud environments like a warehouse or stockroom don’t have to shout or strain to hear someone.

TPhones with built-in barcode scanners give sales associates instant information about inventory, pricing and other product details. When customers are made to wait, they’ll sometimes change their mind. Answering their questions right away can make a sale before they decide to leave and go somewhere else to find help.

TSpectralink phones also support inventory control systems, store performance statistics and other interoperable solutions.

Safety and productivity in the manufacturing sector

Industrial plants and factories can be dangerous places. Moving machinery and unexpected accidents mean that workers constantly need to be alert. Paging systems and walkie-talkies are commonplace in these environments, but they are not a total solution.

Spectralink phones not only provide communications via voice and text, they can help keep your workforce safe. The phones can clip onto a worker’s belt or lanyard and monitor his or her activities. For example, motion detection can trigger an alarm should the worker become immobile.

One-touch buttons let you quickly issue an alert or notify personnel about problems. Instead of running to a phone in a remote part of the facility, have access to emergency notifications in a snap.

Beyond the available safety measures, Spectralink phones can leverage your existing communications infrastructure for high-quality telephony and messaging. Stay in contact with any personnel in the facility, ensuring that uptime and productivity remain at their peak efficiency.

Keeping the enterprise connected

First and foremost, Spectralink phones are designed for communications. Build a DECT or WiFi network across your enterprise’s entire campus, capable of supporting thousands of users. Set up hundreds of DECT base stations and repeaters, or leverage your existing WiFi infrastructure.

Clearly hear coworkers and callers through high-grade voice quality. Phone calls, no matter how casual or critical they are, receive the best treatment possible. Also send texts and communicate with others through messaging applications.

Growing with the small- and medium-sized businesses

Spectralink telephony solutions are scalable and flexible. As your small business or medium-sized business grows, Spectralink products are designed to keep up and continue supporting your operations. Add more base stations and repeaters as your expanding workforce requires more phones and telephony solutions.

Small businesses are also required to be more flexible than larger businesses. A single employee can have multiple tasks. Spectralink phones can support many applications for ensuring that workers stay connected and informed throughout the entire day.

More than a handset or wireless phone

The hardiest of Spectralink phones are certified to take on the harshest of environments. Operate the phones near hazardous materials without worrying about electrical sparks or static shocks, which have the potential to cause explosions or fires. Only a few phones are certified to handle these kinds of environments.

Many Spectralink phones are certified with durability standards including liquid- and dust-resistance, and impact- and damage-resistance. The phones can handle occasional water jets or small debris that would otherwise enter the devices and cause electrical damage. The phones are also safe from destruction due to accidentally dropping the devices or hitting them against a pole.

For productivity and safety, several Spectralink phones support specialized features designed for specific tasks. Features include barcode scanners, safety alarms and one-touch notifications for a variety of purposes.

DECT versus WiFi

Spectralink phones are available with DECT or WiFi connectivity. Spectralink DECT phones include the 7000 and Butterfly series, while the WiFi phones include the 8000 and PIVOT series.

Build a Spectralink DECT solution with servers, base stations and repeaters. The servers support any number of DECT handsets, and the base stations and repeaters give the network greater capacity and wireless range.

DECT networks are highly secure, impervious to interference from WiFi and cellular signals. Easily scale the DECT network to support additional handsets or changing workgroups around the business.

Spectralink WiFi phones can leverage your existing wireless access points and network infrastructure. For the best experience possible, make sure that your access points and other network hardware are compatible with Spectralink WiFi solutions.

Voice over wireless LAN solutions from Spectralink are interoperable with many open source and proprietary telephony services like VoIP, SIP-based IP, digital and analog. Operate the phones on your existing voice and data WiFi infrastructure.

DECT solutions are ideal for changing or expanding telephony environments, which means adding and removing components as need be. WiFi solutions utilize your existing infrastructure, and share resources with other mobile users and network-connected devices.

Spectralink’s spectrum of wireless voice solutions

Spectralink phones combine telephony, safety features, alerts and notifications into one device. The phones are also extremely rugged and durable to take on any dangerous or harsh environment. Consider Spectralink when you want an enterprise-grade voice and data solution, able to handle additional tasks and boost productivity more than any other wireless phone.