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Spectralink Wireless IP Phones

Spectralink's innovative wireless solutions include Wi-Fi and DECT phones for every industry. Available models with durable designs and unique onboard features save costs and increase productivity.

Spectralink DECT Phones Spectralink WiFi Phones
Spectralink DECT phones offer a secure wireless telephony solution for desktop users requiring mobility. Ergonomic designs and long battery lives ensure frustration-free use.
Voice and data via WiFi enables these Spectralink wireless VoIP phones to offer an expansive range of features, including available models with built-in barcode scanners and web browsers.
Spectralink Accessories
Accessories for wireless phones provide a customized mobile solution. Spectralink phone accessories include chargers for single handsets or dual chargers for building a wireless base station.

IP Phone Warehouse - About Spectralink Wireless IP Phones

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About Spectralink Wireless IP Phones

Spectralink is a solutions-orientated wireless communications company, with a leading line of mobile VoIP products. Products are geared towards industries requiring immediate access to information and personnel, such as healthcare, manufacturing and retail. Small businesses will benefit from Spectralink wireless phones in warehouses or as an on-site, mobile tool for increasing productivity.

A short product development process ensures Spectralink phones meet customer expectations. Available features such as onboard web browsers and built-in barcode scanners are just a few of the advanced tools Spectralink phones offers.

IP Phone Warehouse offers a broad selection of Wi-Fi and DECT phones, including Spectralink's innovative wireless solutions. Available accessories give users a customized telephony solution. Build a reliable and scalable VoIP network with Spectralink and IP Phone Warehouse.

IP Phone Warehouse - Buyers Guide

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Overview of Spectralink's wireless IP phones, including Wi-Fi and DECT phones, as well as a brief company bio and general considerations before purchase.

Buyers Guide Spectralink Phones Buyer's Guide

IP Phone Warehouse - Tech Tips

Tech Tips at IP Phone Warehouse

Batteries can drain quickly if the wireless signal is weak.

If a phone has to spend energy searching for a wireless signal, it can quickly consume its available power source. For the best voice quality and longevity of the device available, deploy an appropriate network of wireless access points.

DECT vs. Wi-Fi.

In short, DECT technology enables wireless phones to communicate via their connection to a base unit or repeater that's plugged into the network. Wi-Fi phones utilize wireless access points, or WLAN, to communicate. DECT is utilized primarily for telephony, while Wi-Fi offers a broad range of data solutions, and both technologies have their pros and cons for mobile VoIP telephony.

IP Phone Warehouse - Why Spectralink Wireless IP Phones

Why Choose IP Phone Warehouse

Five Reasons to Choose Spectralink Wireless IP Phones

  1. Secure wireless connections.
  2. Customer-focused solutions.
  3. Advanced mobile VoIP features.
  4. Interoperable with SIP protocols.
  5. IP Phone Warehouse offers support for all Spectralink products.

Popular Spectralink Wireless IP Phone Features

  • Panic/duress buttons.
  • Walkie-talkie capabilities.
  • GUI with web browser.
  • Barcode scanners.