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Tely Labs' telyHD cameras are a new approach to video conferencing. Plug these cameras into a display or television set with an HDMI port and onboard speakers to create an instant video chat or speakerphone experience.

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Tely Labs telyHD Base Edition Tely Labs telyHD Base Skype Camera Ships the Same Business Day
List Price: $249.00
Price: 219.99
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Tely Labs telyHD Pro Tely Labs telyHD Pro Conferencing Camera Ships the Same Business Day
List Price: $648.99
Price: 497.99
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Tely Labs telyHD Base to Pro Upgrade Tely Labs telyHD Base to Pro License Ships the Same Business Day
List Price: $499.99
Price: 353.99
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About Tely Labs Video Conferencing

Tely Labs Video Conferencing Buyer's Guides

Buyers GuideTely Labs Video Conferencing Buyer's Guide

Compare product specifications and read valuable insights into how to best deploy Tely Labs' video conferencing cameras.

Tely Labs set out to redefine how businesses seek out video conferencing solutions. The existing model sometimes requires costly infrastructure and appliances that are not immediately cost-efficient for small businesses. Tely Labs' new method was to leverage existing equipment and services with an affordable appliance. Enter the telyHD camera. Plug this camera into a display with HDMI connectivity and built-in speakers, choose your service (Skype and cloud-based services, SIP-enabled networks etc.), and you're off!

IP Phone Warehouse and Tely Labs have partnered together to give businesses more choices. The telyHD camera is Skype-certified, available in a base edition or a pro edition with SIP interoperability. Upgrade to pro at a later date or expand your camera with an audio pod. The Tely Labs telyHD camera can be used as an extension itself for an existing video conferencing infrastructure. The choice is yours and IP Phone Warehouse is ready to support your business' decision.

Tech Tips

telyHD will work on any display with an HDMI port.

This includes televisions and computer monitors. You can also use an HDMI adapter for older displays.

Let the built-in ringer do the work.

If you're watching television or busy on the computer, the telyHD's built-in ringer will let you know someone is calling. Just switch to the correct HDMI input to view who is calling (no need to answer, if you don't want to).

Connecting to a larger video conferencing infrastructure.

The telyHD Pro Edition is designed to act as a standalone device or combine with standards-based, SIP video conferencing infrastructures from many available brands.

Practice makes perfect for video conferencing.

While the telyHD camera is interoperable with a lot of setups, every display and conference room has its own configurations. Test out the camera's built-in microphones and the display's speakers to ensure the voice quality is perfect. Make practice calls, reposition the equipment or even move everything to a better room.

Five Reasons to Choose Tely Labs Video Conferencing

1. Award-winning company and products.

2. Interoperability with SIP, smartphones and more.

3. Deployed in enterprises and hospitals.

4. All-in-one design ensures quick ROI.

5. IP Phone Warehouse offers support for all Tely Labs products.

Popular Tely Labs Video Conferencing Features

• Portable from room to room.

• Skype certification.

• Built-in web browser.

• WiFi receiver.