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Fortinet Phones

Fortinet phones are compatible with SIP and FortiVoice phone systems. Fortinet’s FortiFone series includes phones ready for infrequent users, all the way to power users. Features like programmable keys and expansion modules set the high-end models apart, ideal for executives and receptionists.

Fortinet has established a name for itself in the security industry. The phones are compatible with Fortinet’s highly secure telephony solutions. Fortify your business with these high-quality phones, designed to protect and improve your intercompany and external communications.

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About Fortinet Phones

Fortinet has established itself at the forefront of the security system market, with a majority of the top ten Fortune companies utilizing their technology. Phones from Fortinet connect easily to Fortinet telephony systems, which are designed to provide a high-security IP PBX solution.

Features such as connectivity to PSTN, easy installation and expansive line appearances set Fortinet phones apart. IP Phone Warehouse offers a range of Fortinet phones, as well as expansions and accessories for increasing productivity.

Fortinet IP Phones Buyer's Guides

Buyers GuideFortinet IP Phones Buyer's Guide

Overview of Fortinet phones and available accessories. Use this guide to choose the right phone for your SMB's IP or analog phone system.

Tech Tips

Most name-brand, standard headsets should work with Fortinet phones.

Check that the phones feature a headset jack, and research the phone or headset before you buy.

Fortinet phones connect to FortiVoice systems, as well as offering SIP connectivity.

Fortinet provides propriety telephony systems. The FortiFone phones are designed to instantly connect with FortiVoice systems, but many include compatibility with SIP-enabled systems as well.

Five Reasons to Choose Fortinet Phones

1. Fortinet systems can connect to mobile or off-site phones.

2. VoIP-enabled models support traditional PSTN.

3. Easy to install and smart interfaces.

4. Over 100,000 phones shipped.

5. IP Phone Warehouse offers support for all Fortinet products.

Popular Fortinet Phones Features

• Connect simply to Fortinet FortiVoice systems.

• Auto-detection technology.

• Multiple line appearances.

• Expansion ports and available accessories.