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Deploying a VoIP solution through IP Phone Warehouse is easy. Not only do we offer a large selection of phones from industry-leading manufacturers, we’ve also partnered with some of the best hosted VoIP service providers around.

We work with businesses of all sizes every day that are searching for hosted VoIP. Leverage our partnerships to receive all of the benefits of hosted VoIP.



Find a Hosted VoIP Provider

IP Phone Warehouse can pair your business with the hosted VoIP provider that best meets your users’ telephony requirements. We’ll compare how many users you have, what features you want and other details.

A hosted VoIP solution can offer enterprise-class features to a small business, without the expense of having to own a large phone system. These features can include cell phone integration, virtual receptionists, and services for hotels and call centers. One extension can access hundreds of features.

Already Know What You Want?

The hosted VoIP provider can leverage your phone extensions with enterprise-class features, letting a few phones behave as part of a fully featured, world-class phone system.

IP Phone Warehouse’s numerous partnerships let us find the best price on hosted VoIP for your business, saving you even more money. If you already know what you want, you might want to shop for hosted VoIP on your own. Instead, use our power to put together a better package at a much better price.

The return on investment is extraordinary. Migrate from a PSTN to VoIP, or stop maintaining your expensive on-premise phone system. Contact us now!

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What is “Hosted VoIP?”

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Choosing a Hosted VoIP Provider

Hosted VoIP Service

A short definition:
Connecting a VoIP phone to the Internet does not mean that it will magically start working. The phone requires a connection to an IP phone system, either premised-based or hosted. A hosted VoIP service provider keeps all of the hardware and software at their site, and you typically pay a minimal monthly fee to access it. Hosted VoIP means that someone else does the work, freeing your employees and budget so they can stick to business.

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