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All products include the manufacturer warranty as part of the purchase price. The warranty period varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

If you wish to check the warranty period, simply look the item up on our website and the length of the manufacturer warranty will be displayed on the product page.

Terms of warranties, such as what is covered (hardware, software, firmware, individual parts, etc.), also varies. To look up this information, you may need to visit the manufacturer's website.

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Extended Warranties

Some products are eligible for extended warranties. If an item has an extended warranty available, it will appear on the item page. You must purchase an extended warranty before the manufacturer warranty expires, and in some cases even sooner (for example, 30 days after time of purchase).

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If you find discrepancies between information on IP Phone Warehouse and the manufacturer sites, the manufacturer site generally has the proper information. We would appreciate your comments, if you do find such a discrepancy. You can contact us at 888.201.9056.

Free Manufacturer Support Contact Information:

Additionally, some products include free manufacturer support.

Company Phone Number Email or Online Contact Info
Aastra 800-574-1611 Online Support
Digium 256-428-6000 Cards: Asterisk Business Edition:
Grandstream 617-566-9300
Jabra 800-826-4656 Online Support
Plantronics 800-544-4660 Online Support
Rhino 877-RHINO-T1 Online Support
Sangoma 800-388-2475 Online Support
Snom Not Available Online Support