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Dolby Conference Phones

Get Dolby Conference Phones at IP Phone Warehouse. We all know Dolby from the movie theater. Imagine Dolby Audio — at your conference table. With Dolby Conference Phone, that's what you get. Dolby Conference Phone provides 360° audio with full-room pickup using a cutting-edge microphone array. It works as both a standard open SIP phone, compatible with a wide range of VoIP providers, and as part of a Dolby Voice room system. With Dolby Voice, you get improved audio performance including spatial audio with class-leading voice separation. Dolby has partnered with leading VoIP system builders, including Cisco, Avaya and Mitel, to ensure SIP interoperability.

  • Dolby Satellite Microphone Kit - VEM900-5


    Dolby Satellite Microphone Kit - VEM900-5

    Extend the range of your Dolby Conference Phone with the Dolby Satellite Microphone. Each microphone extends the range of the Dolby Conference Phone by 6.5ft, and gives you the incredible Dolby Voice audio quality for larger conference rooms. The style...

  • Dolby Conference Phone - VCP9000-5


    Dolby Conference Phone - VCP9000-5

    Dolby Conference Phone is purpose-built to give the business conference call the legendary Dolby sound we all know from the movie theater. Dolby VCP9000 supports two modes: Dolby Voice Mode and standard IP phone. When using a Dolby Voice enabled...

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