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Do you need a special kind of network switch for VoIP phones?
Here’s a question we get a lot: What type of network switch do you need to connect VoIP phones to the IP network? Do you need a particular type of switch for your phones? The short answer is: No, you don’t need a specialized network switch for VoIP phones. The switch you use to connect your computers and other devices to the network is the same switch you use for VoIP phon …
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Is there an adapter for connecting a VoIP phone to an analog phone line?
This is a question we get quite frequently from our customers: can you connect a VoIP phone to an analog phone line? No, there is no adapter that will allow you to connect a VoIP phone directly to an analog phone line. Put another way, there is no device that lets you plug a VoIP phone into a telephone wall jack (i.e., a standard RJ11 port) and get a dial tone, like yo …
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How to setup remote workers on VoIP phone systems
Remote work is here to stay. It might be a business without a central office whose workplace is now permanently remote. It might be a business developing a hybrid work model in which people work some days in the office, some days at home. Either way: you need a professional remote work system. Setting up remote workers securely on your private business communications s …
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