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Intercoms & Entry Phones

Get intercoms and entry phones at IP Phone Warehouse. Whatever you call them, we have them: intercoms, entry phones, door phones, call stations, tenant stations. Find IP intercoms that connect to your IP network for centralized management, simplified expandability and future proof feature sets. We sell video intercoms with integrated cameras that add a second layer of identification and HD screens to see visitors. Build an intercom for your specific needs using a modular intercom. We also sell manufacturer authentic intercom equipment to improve security with metal keypads, RFID readers or vandal proof construction and complete installation with official mounts and frames.

  • Fanvil i61 Front


    Fanvil i61 SIP Video Door Phone with RFID

    The Fanvil i61 SIP door phone provides reliability and quality to your front door. The anti-vandal modern design makes it a perfect addition to your home. The i61 intercom supports two-way audio and has a built-in full duplex speakerphone to produce...

  • Fanvil i62 Front


    Fanvil i62 SIP Video Door Phone with RFID

    Fanvil i62 is an outdoor video intercom for a variety of deployments from residential houses to gated communities. A high-resolution camera with wide field of view is paired with IR LEDs to provide you with high resolution images in tough conditions...

  • Fanvil i63 Front


    Fanvil i63 SIP Video Door Phone with RFID

    The Fanvil i63 intercom is a 5-button intercom for your entryway, designed as a modern accent with ultimate functionality for small scale deployments. A built-in 2MP HD camera gives you a wide view of your entrance while high-intensity IR LEDs allow you...

  • Fanvil i64 Front


    Fanvil i64 SIP Video Door Phone with RFID

    The Fanvil i64 SIP door phone provides your building or entrance with a reliable solution with high functionality. The well-designed exterior gives this product protection from weather and impacts while features on the interior such as a tamper switch...

  • Aiphone IX-MV7-HB-L IP Master Station


    Aiphone IX-MV7-HB-L IP Master Station


    Aiphone IX-MV7-HB-L is an IP master station with a large touchscreen display and T-coil hearing aid supported handset — high-end experience. As a SIP master station, IX-MV7-HB-L connects to your IP phone system for network enhanced entry. It can...

  • Viking E-32TF-IP Touch-Free VoIP Entry Phone


    Viking E-32TF-IP Touch-Free VoIP Entry Phone

    Viking E-32TF-IP is a rugged VoIP intercom that uses a built-in motion sensor to enable touch-free use. All you need to do is wave your hand in front of the sensor to start the call. By using a motion sensor rather than a button, E-32TF-IP improves...

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