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Buyer's Guides

Leverage our decades of expertise with these detailed buyer’s guides on VoIP technology. Know what questions to ask before purchasing to get the right devices for your business — the first time.

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VoIP Buyer’s Guides

Buyer’s Guide

Confused about office headsets? We cover them all: wired or wireless, USB or Bluetooth, and more. Learn what features to look for so you get the right headset, the first time.

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Paging Systems
Buyer’s Guide

What kind of paging system should you go with: IP, analog or hybrid? What types of paging speakers are out there? Learn all this — and more — from our public address system experts.

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Video Bars
Buyer’s Guide

The simplest solutions for professional video conferencing: camera, microphone and speaker in one device. Learn what to look for when you’re shopping for video bars.

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Video Conferencing
Buyer’s Guide

The most natural distant communications possible: give your company the best video call experience from huddle rooms to board rooms.

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VoIP Phones
Buyer’s Guide

Shop empowered: learn everything you need to know about VoIP phones before hitting buy. Our thorough and easy-to-read buyer’s guide tells you everything you need to know.

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VoIP Phone Systems
Buyer’s Guide

Choose the VoIP phone system that’s right for your business: on-premise or cloud. Read our clear and detailed buyer’s guide for all the aspects of business-class VoIP.

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