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Polycom Phones

Polycom Phones are known for their advanced styling, superb speakerphones and large, intuitive displays. With IP Phone Warehouse, a Polycom certified reseller, you will find the support and accessories you need to fully customize your Polycom phone to your specific needs.

Polycom VVX Phones Polycom Conference Phones
With a large LCD screen, the Polycom VVX series phones offer an all-in-one, intuitive telephone experience for busy professionals in almost any environment.
As the leading provider of conference phones for nearly 20 years, Polycom has a solution for any environment, from private offices to large training facilities or classrooms that seat hundreds of people.
Polycom SoundPoint IP Phones Polycom CX Phones
By enabling clear, more productive conversations for any office, home office or other desktop location, Polycom SoundPoint IP phones will meet your communications needs.
Optimized for use with Microsoft Lync, the Polycom CX Phones deliver productivity and information to desktops, conference rooms, lobbies and common areas.
Polycom Expansion Modules Polycom Phone Accessories
An optimal solution for telephone attendants, receptionists, administrative assistants and other users who manage and monitor multiple simultaneous telephone calls on a daily basis.
Polycom accessories let you maximize the capabilities of your voice solutions, and at IP Phone Warehouse we have every accessory to fully customize your Polycom system to your specific situation.

IP Phone Warehouse - About Polycom Phones

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About Polycom Phones

By ensuring everyone can clearly hear and be heard, productivity will be improved. No more frustrating conference calls with time wasted by constant repetition.

Polycom has been a leading provider of conference phones for almost twenty years, and their desktop phones also feature this crystal-clear technology for the best voice and audio performance possible. Polycom uses its award-winning telephony technology to make it easy for people to interact and maximize productivity over any network, in almost any environment, anywhere around the globe.

IP Phone Warehouse - Buyers Guide

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Summary of Polycom's award-winning IP technology for business. Includes business desk phones, conference phones, and extensions and accessories.

Buyers Guide Polycom Phone Buyer's Guide

IP Phone Warehouse - Tech Tips

Tech Tips at IP Phone Warehouse

Hearing an echo in voice communications can be caused in a number of ways.

You may hear an echo when you are calling through a gateway to an outside source. Or, the echo may be present during an internal call, not through a gateway.

What causes the echo could be

  • Incorrect settings in the gateway.
  • Mismatched application version and configuration files.
  • Background noise, either low-level or accidental.
  • Room acoustics causing an actual echo in the environment.
  • A loud speaker, allowing the microphone to pick it up.
  • In rare cases, hardware problems.

Problems connecting the phone to a PC?

Reboot your phone or press the "Reconnect" soft key.

Check what type of information can be input into the application you are using.

IP Phone Warehouse - Why Polycom Phones

Why Choose IP Phone Warehouse

Five Reasons to Choose Polycom Phones

  1. Easy to use, one-touch interfaces for all users.
  2. Bridges with many existing telephony devices.
  3. Affordable and reliable means immediate return of investment.
  4. Backwards and forwards compatible with most other tech.
  5. IP Phone Warehouse offers support for all Polycom products.

Popular Polycom Phones Features

  • Clear voice and audio for productive conversations.
  • Full range of accessories to customize your voice solution.
  • Cloud solutions for saving valuable office space.
  • Polycom collaborates with the industry to produce the best.