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Polycom SoundPoint IP Phones

Polycom SoundPoint IP phones are defined by their ease of use, broad interoperability and lifelike audio quality. Set up your desk with one of the best solutions for VoIP telephony, featuring expansion options and accessories for customizing your experience.

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An Office Mainstay: the Polycom SoundPoint IP Series

Communication has always been a vital part of the human experience. Cave drawings, fire beacons, cannonball shots... we’re an inventive species when it comes to communicating, especially over long distances. Obviously, nothing would get done if we still communicated like that today.

The world is full of so many different ways to communicate. A good phone call is still one of the most effective. The Polycom SoundPoint IP series is the best solution when you want the job done. The phones are intuitive and high quality, providing an effective calling experience.

Can you imagine how much difference a phone would make to human history if we gave one to, let’s say, Paul Revere? Obviously, assuming someone else had a phone, networks were set up, etc.

Well, that’s how we feel about the Polycom SoundPoint IP series. The invention of the telephone changed the world and the Polycom SoundPoint IP phone will truly change your workplace.

The very first phone that Polycom developed and launched was the SoundPoint IP 500. The phone series has been so successful, that several other phone series have followed, trying to build upon the SoundPoint IP series’ success.

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Entering the VoIP industry

Polycom’s first telephony device, the SoundStation conference phone, became a worldwide phenomenon. In a couple of years, it was shipping all over the globe. Just three years after its release, a total of 50,000 had been sold.

Next came video and collaboration products, including a projector that supported live document annotating. Various video conferencing solutions followed and strengthened Polycom’s portfolio.

With all of this expertise, the next logical step was to take the VoIP industry head on. Polycom developed a product line just as strong as their previous offerings, the SoundPoint IP series.

Polycom takes point on sound quality

If you’re unsure of what phone is right for you, the Polycom SoundPoint IP series is a safe place to start. Why? The sound quality is superb, which results in calls that are more productive than from any ordinary phone. Polycom HD Voice technology is embedded into the phones’ hardware and software to produce the best audio possible.

Calls are true to the human voice! If you’re using a phone that has awful sound quality, you realize how much you’ve taken the sound of the human voice for granted. Finally receive calls as real as though you were standing in the same room.

Benefits for new and experienced VoIP users

The most obvious function of the phone is to make calls. Polycom SoundPoint IP phones do that very well—more so than most. This series also has an impressive list of other user benefits, including broad interoperability with phone systems, expandable models and easy to use interfaces. By blending simplicity with powerful features, the phones greatly reduce IT costs and improve your bottom line.

People that are new to VoIP will definitely enjoy using the Polycom SoundPoint IP series. Setting up the phones is very stress free; in other words, it’s easy and you won’t be ready to throw the whole assembly against a wall. Put the hardware together in a snap, and connect the phone to almost any leading on-premise phone system or hosted service.

The Polycom SoundPoint IP 650 and Polycom SoundPoint IP 670 phones are both expandable. Adding expansion modules to the phones takes little to no effort at all. Using your favorite headset with the phones is also no problem—the 650 and 670 have USB ports to support different connectivity types.

And finally, interacting with the phones is as natural as if you’ve had the device your whole life. The keypad is very familiar and the dedicated keys for accessing important functions are easy to find. Browsing the menu and applications is intuitive so you’re not excessively wasting time hunting down important settings and features.

A little about the phones

Since this phone series is designed to be effective and straight to the point, let’s take after that example and dish out the details right away.

The Polycom SoundPoint IP 321, 331, 335 and 450 phones are targeting users in cubicles, call centers or in common areas. For public spaces, the SoundPoint 321 phone has a single Ethernet port to prevent tampering with the network. The SoundPoint 331 phone is similar, except it has two Ethernet ports.

Busy lamp fields, an additional line appearance, a larger display and other features leverage the SoundPoint 335 phone over the SoundPoint 450 phone, so it really depends on how much productivity you desire.

The Polycom SoundPoint IP 550 phone and 560 phone are nearly the same device, but the latter has gigabit Ethernet ports, while the former does not. Both have huge displays, the ability to handle many calls at once and a good portion of dedicated feature keys for easy accessibility.

Like we mentioned earlier, the Polycom SoundPoint IP 650 phone and SoundPoint IP 670 phone are expandable. The SoundPoint IP 650 phone has a backlit graphic display and can support up to three LCD expansion modules. The SoundPoint IP 670 phone is the only model in the series with a color display and it can also support up to three color LCD expansion modules (AC adapter required when using all three).

If the display type isn’t enough to make you choose between the SoundPoint IP 650 or 670, the latter has gigabit Ethernet ports, while the former only support standard Ethernet connectivity.

What is an expansion module?

Enough chitchat about these expansion modules. So what are they already? There are two modules available, one designed for the Polycom SoundPoint IP 650 phone and one for the Polycom SoundPoint IP 670 phone. Each one perfectly matches the look and feel of their designated phones.

The expansion modules each have 14 line keys and a backlit LCD display. Program the keys to perform functions like speed dialing or to act as busy lamp fields. The display tells you what the key’s function is; for example, whether it is an extension in the office, a phone number or important feature.

An expansion module is ideal for very busy phone users like receptionists and executives with a lot of calls to handle at one time or many people on their contact lists.

Polycom SoundPoint IP phones were Polycom’s first introduction to the VoIP phone market. The phones are so advanced that they’re still around today. The call quality and easy of use are difficult to match, making them a mainstay in any office or business environment.