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CyberData supplies paging system equipment, including endpoints and infrastructure components. These products can be integrated into an existing VoIP network to simplify deployment and management. IP Phone Warehouse offers CyberData paging solutions to businesses as a means of better widespread communications and to enhance building security.

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Cyberdata Categories

Cyberdata Call Buttons

CyberData Call Buttons

CyberData Call Buttons are automatically set to a phone number or extension and can be used in emergency situations or when help is needed.

Cyberdata Intercoms

CyberData Intercoms

CyberData Intercoms integrate with existing LANs and provide two-way communication.

Cyberdata Loudspeaker Amplifiers

CyberData Loudspeaker Amplifiers

CyberData Loudspeaker Amplifiers can provide power to CyberData speakers within a paging installation.

Cyberdata Paging Amplifiers

CyberData Paging Amplifiers

CyberData's paging amplifiers work with both new IP and legacy analog paging installations.

Cyberdata Paging Gateways

CyberData Paging Gateways

A paging gateway can enable the use of analog zone paging amplifiers during the transition to IP paging.

Cyberdata Accessories

CyberData Paging System Accessories

CyberData paging system accessories include mounting kits, weather shrouds, call buttons, speaker mounts and more.

Cyberdata Power Injectors

CyberData Power Injectors

CyberData's power injectors are connected between a non-PoE hub and a CyberData paging device to offer inline power.

Cyberdata Ringers

CyberData Ringers

CyberData Ringers can easily connect with existing LANs using just one cable. CyberData ringers will deliver a user-uploaded ring indication.

Cyberdata Servers

CyberData Servers

CyberData servers include an intuitive web-based configuration that enables the set up of up to 100 paging zones.

Cyberdata Mounting Kits

CyberData Speaker Mounting Kits & Accessories

CyberData Speaker Mounting Kits and Accessories include everything you need for a custom paging installation.

Cyberdata Speakers

CyberData Speakers

CyberData Speakers are designed for use with CyberData systems.

Cyberdata Zone Controllers

CyberData Zone Controllers

CyberData Zone Controllers offer access to existing speakers in a paging system, through the IP phone system.

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CyberData SIP Paging Amplifier CyberData SIP Paging Amplifier - 011324
List Price: $529.00
Price: $529.00
Sale Price: $467.99
In Stock
CyberData 011376 SIP RGB Strobe CyberData 011376 SIP RGB Strobe
List Price: $550.00
Price: $550.00
In Stock
CyberData 011376 Singlewire & SIP RGB Strobe CyberData 011377 Singlewire & SIP RGB Strobe
List Price: $550.00
Price: $550.00
In Stock