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Digium Cards

Digium cards, made by the creators of Asterisk, will support both the open source power of Asterisk and SwitchVox VoIP platforms. Each Digium card includes a standard 5 year warranty, and is an excellent choice to make your connection from VoIP to the PSTN. Digium cards are modular phone system cards available in FXO, FXS, and T1 configurations.

Digium Card Selector Digium T1 Cards
The Digium Card Selector makes it easy to find the Digium card you need.
Digium T1 cards are offered in both PCI and PCI Express bus types.
Digium A4 Cards Digium A8 Cards
Digium A4 cards are modular to allow mixing and matching between FXO and FXS ports, or whatever configuration is required by your system.
Digium A8 cards are available in several different configurations and they are modular to be expanded or scaled back as is necessary. They can support up to eight connections.
Digium TDM2400 PCI Cards Digium AEX2400 PCIe Cards
Digium TDM2400 cards are full-length PCI cards that can support up to 24 total ports.
Digium AEX2400 PCI Express cards support up to 24 total FXO or FXS ports.
Digium Accessories
Digium accessories complete your telephony installation.

IP Phone Warehouse - About Digium Cards

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About Digium Cards

Analog cards from Digium allow you to connect your asterisk system with analog lines, phones, fax machines and other hardware. 400 Series Analog cards will support as many as 4 analog connections per card. By using single-port interface module, the 400 series cards are scalable from 1 to 4 ports.

The 400 series Digium cards are modular in nature, enabling you to configure the exact FXO and FXS interface ports you need.

Analog cards from Digium are also available in the 800 and 2400 series cards that are modular and scalable. The 800 and 2400 series are offered in full-length PCI 2.2 and PCI Express form factors.

Digium T1 line cards will connect an Asterisk-based system to T1, E1, and J1 interfaces. Digium T1 cards are available in Single Span, Dual Span, Quad Span and Octal Span configurations. The octal span card is Digium's highest-density card that adds up to eight T1 or E1 connections for up to 240 calls on a single slot.

Not sure what kind of card will best suit your needs? IP Phone Warehouse offers a card selector that can help you configure the card you need.

IP Phone Warehouse - Buyers Guide

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Comprehensive guide to Digium's line of T1 and analog cards. Includes target applications, what sets Digium cards apart and important features.

Buyers Guide Digium Card Buyer's Guide

IP Phone Warehouse - Tech Tips

Tech Tips at IP Phone Warehouse

Asterisk may not work correctly if the X Window System is running at the same time.

Insert the command:

# ps aux | grec X

Stop the X Window System if it is running.

Still problems? Review the DMA levels on the PATA IDE hard drives.

The drives should be set to UDMA2 mode. If they are not, use caution in resetting them, as hard drive corruption could occur if it is not done correctly.

Hearing an echo can be solved a number of ways.

Reboot the system, ensuring all hardware and software loads correctly.

Check the equipment. Most often, it is not the card that is causing the problem, as everything that passes through the card is digital. The echo has to come from somewhere else. A VoIP or analog phone may be causing the echo, as well as an analog line. You may need to test the phone equipment, or call the analog and VoIP line provider.

IP Phone Warehouse - Why Digium Cards

Why Choose IP Phone Warehouse

Five Reasons to Choose Digium Cards

  1. Digium cards are the only telephony cards to be certified for Asterisk.
  2. Built specifically for voice communications.
  3. Before release, Digium cards are tested extensively with major server hardware platforms.
  4. Over seven million ports shipped from the manufacturer.
  5. Created by the makers of Asterisk, ensuring the best support possible.

Digium Standards

  • RoHS compliance.
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2001 certified facility in the United States.
  • Will maintain a MBTF (mean time between failure) of over one million hours.
  • Backed by a five year hardware warranty.
  • Backed by the Digium Exceptional Satisfaction Program.