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Yealink video conferencing systems bring lifelike audio, 1080p video and HD content sharing to any meeting room. The high-quality experience makes it feel like remote meeting participants are in the same room. The Yealink VC400 system includes four-way multipoint, and eight-way through licensing, so several parties can connect at once.

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Yealink VC400 Video Conferencing System Yealink VC400 Video Conferencing System Usually Ships in 24 Hours
List Price: $8,799.00
Price: $7,919.00
In Stock
Yealink VC120 Video Conferencing System Yealink VC120 Video Conferencing System Usually Ships in 24 Hours
List Price: $6,699.00
Price: $5,359.00
In Stock
Yealink VCS Demo Kit Yealink VCS Demo Kit with VC400 Codec Ships the Same Business Day
Price: $999.99
In Stock
Yealink VC110 System Yealink VC110 All-in-One Video Conferencing System Usually Ships in 24 Hours
List Price: $3,699.00
Price: $2,959.00
In Stock
Yealink VC Desktop Software Yealink VC Desktop Software for Windows Ships the Same Business Day
List Price: $99,999.99
Price: $34.95
In Stock
Yealink VC800 Video Conferencing System with Wired Microphones Yealink VC800 Video Conferencing System with Wired Mics Pre-Order
List Price: $7,999.00
Price: $6,399.00
(Out of Stock)
Yealink VC500 Video Conferencing Endpoint, Wired Microphones Yealink VC500 Video Conferencing Endpoint with Wired Mics Special Order
List Price: $5,999.00
Price: $4,999.00
In Stock
Yealink VC800 8-Way Multipoint License Yealink VC800 8-Way Multipoint License - VC800-8WAYLICENSE Ships the Same Business Day
List Price: $1,999.00
Price: $1,599.00
In Stock
Yealink VC800 16-Way Multipoint License Yealink VC800 16-Way Multipoint License - VC800-16WAYLICENSE Ships the Same Business Day
List Price: $3,999.00
Price: $3,199.00
In Stock
Yealink VC800 24-Way Multipoint License Yealink VC800 24-Way Multipoint License - VC800-24WAYLICENSE Ships the Same Business Day
List Price: $9,999.00
Price: $7,999.00
In Stock

About Yealink Video Conferencing

Yealink has rocketed to success since their founding in 2001. They’ve achieved the status as the number two most prolific SIP phone provider in the world. A deep research and development team has fueled their success, delivering affordable products with the industry’s best technology.

Following their accomplishments in the VoIP phone industry, Yealink pursued video conferencing. The results are enterprise-grade video conferencing systems that are immediately accessible to small- and medium-sized businesses. High-end features with no licensing required, plus easy out-of-the-box deployment make them ideal for new and emerging video conferencing users.

Introducing the Yealink VC120 and VC400

Yealink VC120

Yealink’s video conferencing solutions include the VC120 and the VC400. The two models are nearly identical, except the VC400 offers four-way multipoint (eight-way multipoint requires licensing).

The Yealink VC120 video conferencing system and the Yealink VC400 video conferencing system are incredibly affordable compared to similar solutions from other manufacturers. Also, there are no licensing fees or service contracts required, so the upfront cost is all that you have to pay. Even the VC400’s four-way multipoint capability is delivered with the system, unlike similar third-party systems; upgrading the system to eight-way multipoint does require licensing, however.

Best-in-class video conferencing features

Here’s a quick synopsis of what the Yealink VC120 and VC400 can do:

• HD 1080p video and content sharing

• Audio quality up to 20 kHz/wideband

• Support for many video and audio standards

• Network support for SIP and H.323

High definition video and wideband audio produce visuals and sounds as natural as though the conference were being held in-person. Many businesses still prefer face-to-face interactions to communicating through technology, but with the VC120 and VC400, the technology does not get in the way.

Lesser quality video conferencing solutions, especially free, cloud-based services, will produce grainy or lower quality experiences. The result is more time spent straining to understand each other, rather than collaborating and communicating. Choosing the best quality solution now will save you from serious problems and embarrassment in the future.

Support for video standards like H.264, and network standards like SIP and H.323 enable the Yealink video conferencing systems to work seamlessly with existing third-party solutions. H.264 also allows the systems to use minimal bandwidth so no network upgrades are required, assuming your network is already working optimally.

Easy set up and operation

One problem that first-time video conferencing users have is setting up their new system with their network’s firewall. The Yealink VC120 and VC400 feature intelligent firewall support, meaning that the systems can be plugged into the network and start working right out of the box. Otherwise, you might be stuck trying to figure out your network’s firewall settings or pay for an IT service to do it for you.

Plug your Yealink video conferencing system’s gigabit Ethernet port into your network and go! No specialized video network is required; leverage your existing infrastructure.

If you’re familiar with how easy a smartphone or tablet is to use, then you have nothing to worry about with the Yealink VC120 and VC400. Another problem that businesses encounter with video conferencing systems is that they are sometimes difficult to use. An intuitive user interface lets anyone sit in the front of the system and start video conferencing. Minimal or no training is required, so you and your employees can get right to work.

An included camera and microphone array

The Yealink VC120 and VC400 video conferencing systems include a codec, PTZ camera and speakerphone. The codec is the brains of the system, connecting it to the network and all of the various components, and providing all of the computing and processing power. Both systems include the same camera and speakerphone.

Full details about the camera:

• Yealink VCC18 HD PTZ camera

• 18x optical zoom

• 1920x1080 video resolution

• +/-100 degree pan range

• +/-30 degree tilt range

The camera’s 1920x1080 video resolution enables it to produce full high definition images on remote displays, in HD 1080p. Remote participants can see your room with incredible clarity. Optical zoom enables the camera to magnify areas of the room without losing clarity; unlike digital zoom, which sacrifices image quality. The camera is perfect for large conference rooms, or for showing minute details on physical documents and objects.

Full details about the speakerphone:

• Yealink VCP40 VCS phone

• 3-microphone array

• 10 feet, 360-degree pickup range

• Supports two expansion microphones

Also included with the Yealink video conferencing systems is the Yealink VCP40 phone. The phone’s microphone array provides 360-degree coverage of the entire room, up to ten feet away from the phone. If that’s not enough coverage or there are a lot of people in the room, the phone can support additional microphones.

Video conference recording to a USB device

An important feature that many businesses look for is call recording. Not just for video conferencing systems, but for desk phones too. Call center agents use the call recording feature on phones as evidence when customers make objections, and supervisors use it for training purposes or to review agent performance.

Recording a video conference can serve many purposes. For example, when you don’t want to take notes during the meeting so you can remain productive throughout. Businesses also use video call recording for training purposes, to let someone that missed the meeting catch up, or to review conference performances.

The Yealink VC120 and VC400 can support USB storage devices. Video and screenshots can be saved directly to the devices for later playback. Many third-party systems require licensing to turn on this feature or do not offer it at all.

Benefits of Yealink video conferencing systems

To sum up what Yealink has achieved by introducing the VC120 and VC400, they’ve made video conferencing what it’s supposed to be: high quality and easy to use, simple to integrate into any existing communications strategy. The video conferencing systems will quickly become a part of any meeting room, executive office or huddle space.

No one likes using technology that is difficult to operate. The Yealink VC120 and VC400 systems offer the features that businesses want, without making you jump through hoops to get them. It’s all preloaded and ready to go!

If Yealink’s presence in the VoIP phone industry is any indication about how well their products are received, we expect the VC120 and VC400 to be no different, and to usher in a whole new perception of what video conferencing is supposed to be.

Comparing Yealink VCS to the Competition

The Yealink VC series is a strong contender in the video conferencing market. Features like HD 1080p video, content sharing, multipoint and dual monitor support deliver knockout conferencing power. Other manufacturers build systems with similar features, so what makes the Yealink VC series the best in its class?

If you’re familiar with video conferencing equipment, you know that setting it up can be a pain. The software might require additional licenses and the hardware can be difficult to put together. After that ordeal, you could have to deal with the network firewall’s refusal to allow the system pass-through.

To sum it up, there are three common problems that people have with video conferencing systems. The Yealink VC series solves them.

Three reasons to choose Yealink VCS:

• No licensing required

• Quick setup / “plug and play”

• Intelligent firewall traversal

No licensing required

Once you purchase the Yealink VC400 or VC120, you’re done. There are no licenses or service contracts required. The upfront cost of the system includes all of the supported features.

No licenses to enjoy features like:

• HD 1080p video

• Multipoint conferencing (VC400 only)

• Dual monitor support

• Content sharing

• Call recording to USB

• Regular software maintenance

Note: the Yealink VC400’s multipoint can be expanded with licensing.

Quick setup / “plug and play”

Plug the Yealink VCS’ camera and speakerphone into the codec. Connect the codec to one or two displays through the HDMI ports, a computer through the VGA port, and the network via Ethernet. Just like that, all of the system’s components are ready to go!

Find a nearby power source and plug in the adapter. Press the power button and the system will begin the setup wizard. Setting up the Yealink VCS is as to-the-point as possible.

For best results, make sure a power outlet/strip and a network drop/switch are within close proximity to the system. Otherwise, additional wiring and cabling will be required to provide power and network connectivity.

Intelligent firewall traversal

A common problem that businesses encounter when installing a video conferencing system is connecting it to the network. It’s not always as easy as plugging in an Ethernet cable—unless you have the Yealink VCS.

Often, the network’s firewall interferes with the setup process; the firewall will block the video conferencing equipment’s software from reaching network services. The Yealink VC400 and VC120 intend to solve this problem through intelligent firewall traversal.

Intelligent firewall traversal makes it possible to connect the video conferencing system to the network without reconfiguring the network’s firewall. Other manufacturers will require that you either manually reconfigure the firewall or purchase additional network devices.

Ready, set, go!

The Yealink VC series delivers frustration-free installation. Out of the box and ready to go in five minutes! Once it’s all set, the user-friendly interface makes it easy to start or join conference calls. The Yealink VC400 and VC120 video conferencing systems are based on industry standards, ensuring complete interoperability with existing networks and communications technology.

Check out the Yealink VC series product pages for full specifications, package contents and more. Or test-drive the Yealink VCS today by ordering a FREE* demo kit! Contact IP Phone Warehouse by phone or email to learn more about Yealink video conferencing.

*shipping and handling charges extra

Yealink VCS Demo Kits are Available!

Video conferencing systems are wildly popular solutions for communicating face-to-face with distant contacts from the comfort of your own home, office or wherever you may be. But let’s face it (no pun intended)—they can be pricey, especially if you’re unsure of what you’re buying. Are you sure it’s worth it?

Try it before you buy it! You wouldn’t buy a car without test-driving it, after all.

Yealink offers FREE use of “demo kits” of the VC series video conferencing system. For 30 days, you can test out the system and decide whether the Yealink VCS is the right solution for your business.

How do I order a demo kit?

Call or email IP Phone Warehouse to receive information about ordering a Yealink VCS demo kit. Our sales team is available Monday through Friday, from 8am until 5pm Central Standard Time (CST).

Phone: 1-888-201-9056 | Email:

The demo kits are free! You are responsible for shipping and handling charges, however. After your 30-day trial is complete, ship the demo kit back.

What comes with the demo kits?

All of the demo kits are based on the Yealink VC400 video conferencing system. The system offers top-of-the-line features like multipoint so you can experience the full power of the revolutionary VC series.

Although the kits are demonstrations of what the Yealink VCS can do, they are not stripped down models or base versions. They perform and operate exactly like a brand new VC400 available for purchase.

Included with the kit are the VC400 codec, camera, speakerphone and other components. Enjoy testing out features like multipoint, content sharing and call recording, all in HD 1080p video.

See the Yealink VC400 Demo Kit page for complete information about system specifications and package contents.

The hardware takes minutes to set up and the onboard software is incredibly easy to use. The Yealink VC series video conferencing systems are designed with no extra licensing or network configuration required. If you do need assistance, please reach out to IP Phone Warehouse’s support channel!

Frequently asked questions about the demo kits

Can I purchase the demo kit?

No, you cannot purchase the demo kit. In fact, we do not recommend it. The demo kits are loaner systems that have been used by other businesses. Even if you could purchase the kit, we would recommend buying a brand new system to ensure longevity of your investment.

What happens if I don’t return the demo kit?

After the demo period is over, if you still have not returned the demo unit you will be charged a $100.00 late fee for each day the system is late not to exceed the initial deposit amount. The late fee is deducted from your initial deposit. Write the trial end-date on your calendar, set an alarm or otherwise make sure to remind yourself before the 30 days are over.

Please contact IP Phone Warehouse for information about shipping and handling, including how to return your Yealink VCS demo kit.

How do I open the demo kit’s metal case?

Your demo kit will arrive in a portable lock box. The case includes wheels and a combination lock, letting you safely transport and store the system. To open the case, rest the box on its back (with the “Yealink” logo facing upwards) and unlock it.

The default combination for the lock is “000.” Turn the dials to “000” and push the button besides the lock outwards. If the case does not open, try one of the nine-hundred and ninety-nine other possible combinations.

It is not recommend that you change the lock from the default combination, but it is necessary in some situations. Please write down the lock’s combination if you reset it.

What’s the difference between the VC400 and VC120?

The demo kits include the Yealink VC400 codec. After your trial period, you might want to purchase the VC120 video conferencing system. Besides multipoint support, the systems are identical; the VC400 supports multipoint, while the VC120 does not.

If multipoint is important to your business or you believe it will play a role in future video conferences, we recommend the VC400. Multipoint enables multiple parties to join a single conference call. For example, a single VC400 with multipoint connectivity can allow multiple VC120 systems with point-to-point connectivity to enter one conference call.

Helpful Links About Yealink VCS

Yealink VCS Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the Yealink VC400 and VC120 video conferencing systems. For any other questions about Yealink and the VCS series, contact IP Phone Warehouse by phone or email.

Q) Do the systems require any licensing or services?

No licenses or contracts are required. One year of Yealink AMS is included with the systems, providing maintenance upgrades and technical support. The systems do require an active Internet connection with adequate bandwidth, however.

Q) How much bandwidth is required?

Resolution Bandwidth
HD 1080p Video Only 1.3 Mb Recommended
HD 1080p Video & Content Sharing 2.6 Mb Recommended
HD 720p Video Only 655 kb Recommended
HD 720p Video & Content Sharing 1.4 Mb Recommended
SD 448p Video 333 kB Recommended
SD 448p Video & Content Sharing 666 kB Recommended

Q) Do I need multipoint?

Multipoint is required to host a video conference with more than two parties. The Yealink VC400 video conferencing system supports multipoint, while the Yealink VC120 supports point-to-point or two-way conferencing.

Let’s say that you have four Yealink VC series systems that want to join a single conference phone. Only one of the systems is required to support multipoint and this system must host the meeting. The Yealink VC400 supports four-way multipoint, ideal for this kind of set up, allowing it to support all three remote systems and itself.

Q) Is any additional equipment required to record calls?

The Yealink VCS has the ability to record calls to a USB storage device. The feature is built into the systems and does not require additional equipment or licensing, except for a USB storage device.

Q) Does the Yealink VCS support dual monitors?

Yes, both the Yealink VC400 and VC120 support dual monitors. No additional licensing is required.

Q) Can I share my computer screen?

Share content from your computer screen with live conferences by connecting the computer to the Yealink VCS codec. Play slideshows and videos to create interactive presentations, or share any other type of viewable content.