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3CX Month: Setting Up a Ring Group in 3CX

3CX Month: Setting Up a Ring Group in 3CX

Jay Brant • Nov 15, 2016 •

Every business day for the month of November, we will be posting a useful tip for 3CX, a powerful SIP-based unified communications platform.

If you want an incoming call to be directed to multiple phones, you need to set up a ring group.

3CX makes it simple to set up a ring group using the 3CX Management Console. You can set it so that the call is directed to all of the phones at once, or in sequence (that is, it’s directed to the first phone, if they can’t answer it then it goes to the second phone, and so on).

Ring Groups in 3CX

First, go to the 3CX Management Console.

Ring groups in 3CX have their own menu. Go to “Ring Groups,” and you can see what ones are already set up and manage them.

To add a new one, simply select “Add Ring Group.”

From there you’ll have a few fields to complete and options to go through:

  • Enter a clear name for the ring group.
  • Virtual Extension Number. Change this to a unique number if you want to change the default.
  • Ring Strategy. You have two choices:
    • Prioritized Hunt = sequential (first one phone will ring, then next, etc.)
    • Ring All = simultaneous (all phones ring at the same time)
  • Ring Time (Seconds). Enter a number for how many seconds you want the phone call to ring.

Then you’ll be able to add all the extensions to the ring group, and prioritize for a Prioritized Hunt ring group by them by moving them up and down.

If you want to have a specific inbound number for this ring group, you can add the DID (direct inbound dialing) number, as well.

And finally, you can select what you want to have happen if nobody answers the call.

Click “Ok” and you’ve done it!