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3CX Month: Using Dial Codes in 3CX

3CX Month: Using Dial Codes in 3CX

Jay Brant • Nov 08, 2016 •

Every business day for the month of November, we will be posting a useful tip for 3CX, a powerful SIP-based unified communications platform.

Dial codes are shortcuts so you can access advanced functions right from your desk phone.

3CX makes it easy to set and manage dial codes using the 3CX Management Console. You get a broad selection of default dial codes that you can change to whatever works for your company.

A dial code is simply a series of number or symbols that initiate an action. They can be added to the beginning or the end of a phone number or extension.

So, for example, *9 is the default dial code for the intercom function. You dial *9 + extension, and you call that extension as a two-way, hands-free call: the call comes through their speakerphone. (The intercom function needs to be enabled by the admin before you can use this dial code.)

How to change dial codes in 3CX?

First, go to the 3CX Management Console.

From there, go to Settings > Advanced > Dial codes.

You’ll see a list of all the dial codes currently in place, and you can change them to whatever you want.

Remember, however, that dial codes automatically start actions. This means that you need to make ­­­­­­­­them unique, something that no one would otherwise dial.

Dial codes are one of the really amazing features that 3CX offers. There are many actions that you can take, far too many for us to list here.

If you have a question about a specific dial code, get in touch!