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Breaking News! IP Phone Warehouse Launches New Shipping Service: Yesterday Air!

IP Phone Warehouse knows that conducting business is a timely matter. It’s a fast-paced world, yet businesses are always waiting on deliveries. Not anymore, thanks to IP Phone Warehouse’s exclusive new service, Yesterday Air.

Overnight deliveries are just not fast enough for some businesses; they wish they had their packages yesterday. IP Phone Warehouse came up with a radical solution to this problem: time travel. IP Phone Warehouse secretly hired a team of quantum engineers to build the world’s first time travel device. Unfortunately, the uranium required is rare, the government got involved and the test subject is still missing. Don’t worry; the test subject was a phone.

IPW Shipping

IP Phone Warehouse has teamed up with leading shipping companies to provide the next best service, Yesterday Air. If it’s not there, it’s not Yesterday Air.

In a quiet, mysterious corner of IP Phone Warehouse is a mystical, enchanted room. From 8 to 5, Monday to Friday, a team of psychics quietly channels the energy from the spiritual world. Yes, it’s spooky, but it produces an incredible predictive force.

Businesses that sign up for Yesterday Air (membership fee is $29.99 per year) receive their products a day ahead of when they’ll need them—without knowing they’ll need them until the next day. No more scrambling on a Friday afternoon when the product arrived on Thursday.

Sign up now! Yesterday Air is currently available to the continental US, with service expanding to further geographic regions as psychic power permits.

IP Phone Warehouse is rolling out the first phase of Yesterday Air with Polycom phones. The second phase will include Polycom video conferencing equipment. Following phase one and phase two, the service will expand to include all of the products at IP Phone Warehouse.

Think this service sounds too good to be true? Psych! It is. Happy April Fool’s Day!