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Cisco Refresh: Refurbished Perfection

Cisco Refresh: Refurbished Perfection

Jay Brant • Dec 14, 2017 •

Cisco Refresh is the gold standard refurbishing program in the IP technology arena. Cisco consistently goes above and beyond to provide their customers with first-class IP phones and other products at incredible prices through the most rigorous certified refurbished program that we know of.

Cisco Certified Refurbished phones—the only Cisco refurbished phones sold on IP Phone Warehouse—aren’t just dusted off in some guy’s garage. They come sealed by the manufacturer. They have a minimum 90-day manufacturer warranty with the same terms as a brand-new phone. You can add the same Smart Net agreements for expert technical support. You can get 8x5 next business day hardware replacement.

In other words, these are genuine Cisco phones—starting at 65% less than the MSRP of the equivalent new phone. And you help save the environment by reusing previously owned phones, too.

But the advantages don’t end there.

Cisco Refresh Logo

Cisco Refresh IP Phones

Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking technology. The internet literally wouldn’t exist as it does today without their engineering expertise. Cisco brings this same professionalism to the world of IP phones and to their refurbishing program, which they call Cisco Refresh. (It used to be called Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment or CCRE.)

Cisco IP phones are considered to be among the highest quality and most reliable on the market. When you have a product that is that well-loved, bad actors are going to try to steal it. So Cisco Refresh is one method of protecting the customer from the inauthentic, counterfeit, or even stolen “Cisco” phones that flood the secondary market.

Cisco Refresh phones come in a box that is sealed by a Cisco authorized manufacturer. You know they’re genuine.

Cisco 8861 IP Phone

Cisco Refresh Process

The Cisco Refresh process is solely performed by Cisco authorized contract repair manufacturers. The process consists of eight steps:

  1. Thoroughly inspecting the unit
  2. Comprehensively testing components to ensure they meet Cisco factory specifications
  3. Repairing any part that fails inspection or testing with a genuine Cisco replacement
  4. Wiping the previous owner’s settings and information, and restoring the unit to the default configuration
  5. If necessary, upgrading both firmware and hardware (in the case of an Engineering Change Order) to the most current versions
  6. Installing a valid software license
  7. Thoroughly cleaning the unit to as close to like-new condition as possible
  8. Placing the unit in new packaging, including a manufacturer seal on the shipping box

Some refurbishers grade their products: Grade A means this, Grade B means that. Not Cisco. Every refurbished Cisco phone goes through this eight step Cisco Refresh remanufacturing process.

Cisco 7821 IP Phone

Cisco Smart Net on Cisco Refresh Phones

Cisco Refresh products are available for the identical Smart Net support agreements as the equivalent new product. This is something you won’t get with pretty much anyone else.

Cisco Smart Net Total Care is a complete technical support package. With Cisco Smart Net, you get:

  • 24-hour access to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
  • Flexible hardware replacement, including 8x5 Next Business Day
  • Personalized digital support
  • Software updates and upgrades
  • Access to an integrated management portal for smart tracking and management of inventory and contracts

Forrester found that Smart Net coverage reduces the length of outages by 75%. This is the kind of statistic that’s usually available for a premium, yet you can get it with Cisco refurbished products. Not bad, eh?

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