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Creating a DECT Wireless Phone Network with Snom M700 Base Stations & M65 Handsets

Add base stations and handsets, and repeat.

Wireless phones are an essential part of many work environments. They give managers a mobile telephony solution when they’re busy on the floor, or they let doctors keep in touch when running between rooms.

The new Snom M700 base stations and M65 handsets are an incredible new VoIP solution for wireless environments. Create a DECT wireless network with up to 40 base stations and 200 handsets operating together, or deploy a single base station with 30 handsets.

  • Easy to set up with over-the-air device synchronization and installation
  • Build a scalable network with base stations, handsets and compatible repeaters
  • Supports wideband audio for superior voice quality and natural sounds
  • Compatible with SIP and popular open-source phone systems like Asterisk
  • Uses DECT wireless technology with GAP and CAT-iq compliance

Add compatible Snom M5 repeaters to expand the DECT wireless coverage of the network. More base stations means support for more handsets or simultaneous calls.

Singlecell Configuration

A single base station with handsets. No repeaters included.

Multicell Configuration

Multiple base stations with handsets. No repeaters included.

The M65 handsets communicate wirelessly with a M700 base station. When the handset is engaged in a call and the user is moving, the call is seamlessly transitioned between base stations without interruption. Calls are completely fluid, whether the user is walking between rooms or different floors in the building.

Snom M700 Base Station Highlights

  • Wireless range of up to 164 feet indoors
  • A single Ethernet switch port with PoE
  • Over-the-air installation

Snom M65 Handset Highlights

  • Long battery life with up to 250 hours of standby time
  • Talk time of up to 18 hours for lengthy shifts
  • Over-the-air software upgrades

Using the M700 and M65 Together

When the M65 handset is used with the M700 base station, the phone can handle two simultaneous calls. Access eight speed dial numbers, local three-way conferencing, a contact directory and other advanced VoIP features.

Together, this handset and base station can produce a professional level of telephony usually not seen by wireless solutions.

The Snom M700 base station and M65 handset are scalable and powerful wireless DECT solutions. Take VoIP wherever you are in building, and add more base stations and handsets as your workforce continues to grow. There’s no additional hardware or licensing required, and the devices are incredibly easy to set up. This is a perfect solution for small organizations or huge enterprises with a SIP phone system.