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Mobotix T25 IP Video Door Station

Mobotix T25 IP Video Door Station

Jay Brant • Jan 10, 2014 •

An IP-enabled video intercom system, and then some.

Security starts with your business’ front door. The Mobotix T25 IP video door station is designed to remedy any risks this main point of entry can create. Set up this video intercom system as an IP-enabled peephole, door control, two-way communications device and more.

Features on the Mobotix T25 include a high-resolution 5MP sensor module with a wide-angle lens. The 5MP sensor can capture sharp video and still images, not available to most analog or IP cameras. The wide-angle, hemispheric lens provides a 180-degree viewpoint. When installed on a door, this lens offers a wide perspective, producing an image of what’s in front of the door as well as what is on either side of the entry, leaving no blind spots.

Choose either a nighttime sensor module or daytime sensor module. With an advanced low-light sensor, the nighttime sensor records crisp black-and-white images. The daytime module offers full-color images, but it less effective during dawn, dusk or otherwise dark conditions.

Built into the Mobotix T25 is a microphone and speaker for two-way communications. Watch someone outside the door and start up a conversation with him or her, all without ever leaving your desk.

Door Security from Anywhere

See who’s outside without leaving your desk. Set up a desktop PC, such as on a receptionist’s desk or in your own office, with control over the Mobotix T25’s camera and two-way communications.

Not at your desk? The Mobotix T25’s live images can be viewed from anywhere around the world. Log in to the door station’s secure stream and conduct surveillance of your own.

You can also set up the Grandstream GXV3140 video phone to work with the T25. This phone has been tested by Mobotix for complete interoperability. See your business’ visitors and talk with them as though it were a video conference.

More Features

  • Zoom: digital pan/tilt/zoom, with up to 8x continuous
  • Connections: Ethernet, IPv4/IPv6 and mini-USB
  • Expandable: yes, via the MxBus port
  • Buttons: light and doorbell
  • Power: PoE

An internal DVR gives the Mobotix T25 the ability to process, record and store video on its own hardware, without accessing system resources. This function is ideal in the event of a network failure or other untimely situation.


The Mobotix T25 connects to various expansions and accessories via the MxBus port. For example, an RFID reader provides your employees with keyless entry. Employees scan their individual RFID card across the reader, the door recognizes it, and the door is unlocked.

Install a keypad as another means of secure entry. The keypad can recognize permanent or temporary codes, or an RFID transponder, and provide entry.

Keyless entry, as described with the RFID reader and keypad, require an electronic door lock mechanism in order to provide full functionality.

More expansions and accessories include two-way voice and video solutions, advanced network integration and more cutting-edge Mobotix features.

The Mobotix T25 IP video door station is ideal for providing surveillance, or can be expanded to provide even more than that. What differentiates this video intercom from other solutions is advanced optical technology, VoIP capabilities and the full range of available accessories. Customize the Mobotix T25 to offer the ultimate peace of mind.