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New Phones from Snom, Including the Snom M325 DECT Phone Bundle & M25 Handset

Let it Snom, let it Snom, let it Snom…

Snom has released some new, exciting products recently. The latest of which are the M325 DECT phone bundle and the M25 DECT handset. The D715 and D725 desk phones are also recent additions, featuring compatibility with the D7 expansion module.

Snom 710

Examining the Snom M325

If you’re shopping for a new wireless phone, we definitely recommend the Snom M325. The bundle includes the expandable M300 base station and the intuitive M25 handset.

The Snom M325 relies on DECT technology. DECT is a secure, encrypted radio frequency that wireless devices use to communicate. DECT handsets can operate up to 150 feet away from the base station, indoors, when the signal has to travel through walls or obstacles.

Wirelessly connect up to 20 Snom handsets with the M325’s included M300 base station. The M300 is compatible with the Snom M25 and M65 handsets. The M300 is also compatible with up to three Snom M5 repeaters, letting you extend the DECT signal over further distances.

One of the best parts about the Snom M325 DECT bundle is that no extra licensing is required after purchase. Set up the base station with your SIP phone system, configure the handsets and start communicating.

Snom DECT Phone Comparison

Comparing the M25 and M65 handsets

Both the Snom M25 and M65 handsets are compatible with the Snom M300 base station and the M700 base station.

While the Snom M65 handset appears to be a higher end unit, both handsets include a similar user experience and feature set. The M65 is more suitable for multi-shift environments when more than one person is using the handset throughout a 24-hour day. The M25 is perfect for single-shift environments or one eight-hour shift during a 24-hour day.

Snom Desk Phone Comparison

The Snom D715 and D725 phones

The Snom D715 phone and Snom D725 phone are both built with faster processors and memory than their predecessors, providing a more efficient experience for users. Major differences between the two models are that the D725 has more programmable keys (18 total) and more line appearances (12 total).

Both are compatible with the available D7 expansion module to give the phone more programmable keys for busy lamp fields, speed dialing and other functions.

Comparison with the Snom 710 and 720 phones

Besides the processor and memory, the Snom D715 and D725 phones offer other features beyond previous models like the Snom 710 and 720 phones. All of the phones are compatible with SIP and support wideband audio.

The Snom 710, 720, D715 and D725 all support PoE or an AC power supply. However, the AC power supply is not included in the packages.

VoIP phones come in all shapes and sizes, designed for different uses and environments. Snom is a globally recognized manufacturer of high-quality desk phones and DECT phones, all enterprise-grade solutions for offices and mobile workforces. Not all vendors can brag about such a diverse and successful portfolio of VoIP products as Snom.