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Polycom CX7000

Polycom CX7000

Jay Brant • Aug 15, 2012 •

The Polycom CX7000 is a video conferencing solution and unified collaboration system, optimized for use with Microsoft Lync, that enables you to redefine collaboration by combining all the features of Lync with Polycom’s industry-leading HD technology, which creates a seamless UC experience.

CX7000 Benefits

The CX7000 can enhance productivity by allowing users to engage in rich collaboration and share high-quality content with the familiar Lync interface.

Organizations can leverage their existing Microsoft Lync infrastructure and reduce deployment and maintenance costs. The CX7000 also delivers a lower total cost of ownership through centralized management, simplified training and support.

Like all video conferencing systems, the CX7000 ensures your group decision process can be streamlined, due to the ability to collaborate in real time.

Microsoft Lync and Polycom

Choosing Lync allows you to share high-quality documents, spreadsheets and multimedia content and receive the same user experience no mater what you’re using–desktop or room system.

Polycom CX7000 Options

The CX7000 is available in two configurations: The Polycom CX7000 HD System and the Polycom CX7000 View System. Both systems include the CX7000 Codec, a keyboard and mouse, cables and the power supply. However, the CX7000 HD features the EagleEye III camera and a HDX Microphone Array, and the CX7000 View includes the EagleEye View camera with built-in Microphone.

If you need more information on the Polycom CX7000 video conferencing systems, please contact IP Phone Warehouse. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.