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Recover with Switchvox Rescue

Recover with Switchvox Rescue

Jay Brant • Feb 13, 2015 •

Saving your Switchvox PBX is a phone call away.

Having a backup plan—we don’t need to preach about how important that is. Digium makes it easy to recover should your phone system appliance or Internet service provider become unavailable. With one call, Switchvox Rescue can save your business from lost time and productivity.

Switchvox Rescue provides resiliency. A copy of your Switchvox appliance’s essential configuration files and database information is saved to Digium Cloud Services (DCS) as a snapshot. A simple phone call to Digium technical support will turn on (and turn off) the Rescue service and let your business’ telephony continue running smoothly.

Here is what’s required:

  • Switchvox appliance with software version 5.11 or later
  • Digium SIP trunking service with at one e911 DID
  • Gold, platinum or titanium subscription level

Unified Communications System

Redirecting calls through the cloud

When Switchvox Rescue is enabled, incoming calls are redirected to Digium Cloud Services. Rescue can take as little as 20 minutes to come online after you call Digium technical support. After it does come online, it can play recorded messages, save voicemail messages and route calls to external numbers like cell phone.

The service will start running based on the latest snapshot of your Switchvox appliance, which includes PBX and database configuration. The snapshot does not include your saved voicemail recordings, call recordings, user images, call logs and card configurations that are saved locally to the Switchvox appliance.

Switchvox Rescue retains the functionality of your Switchvox appliance so you can continue making calls, no matter what happens. Remain functional through power loses, disasters and weather events. By being based in the cloud, rather than as an on-premise backup appliance, the service is not subject to the same conditions as your primary Switchvox appliance.

Switchvox 470 Unified Communications System

Recovery capacity

Switchvox Rescue has capabilities similar to the Switchvox 80 appliance.

  • 12 concurrent calls
  • 5 conference participants
  • 50 hours of voicemail recording

Remember to call Digium’s technical support when your primary appliance is up and running again. This backup service is designed to be a temporary solution, only. Digium may charge additional fees for usage over seven consecutive days.

If your phone system is critical to maintaining your business’ functionality, then Switchvox Rescue should be an important part of your arsenal. It will ensure that you and your employees receive all vital calls, so business can continue on as usual during any duress.

Switchvox PBX appliances are feature-packed solutions for business-class telephony. By leveraging Digium Cloud Services with the appliance, you can provide an unprecedented level of resiliency to your PBX solution. Maintain telephony through any natural disaster or temporary loss of service.