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Seamlessly Connect Your Paging System to RingCentral with Valcom VRCPA

IP paging systems offer many advantages over traditional analog paging systems. One massive advantage is the ability to integrate your PA system with your cloud phone service.

RingCentral is a widely used cloud phone system that can provide cloud-based control over your PA system when you integrate it with RingCentral.

The new Valcom VRCPA Paging Adapter is specifically designed for use with RingCentral. Using VRCPA, you can connect both analog and IP speakers to the cloud phone platform, giving you a simple, centralized interface over even large-scale paging deployments.

Let’s take a look.

Valcom VRCPA RingCentral Paging Adapter, Front

Valcom VRCPA RingCentral Paging Adapter

Valcom VRCPA is a SIP paging adapter for connecting compatible IP and analog paging speakers to your RingCentral IP phone system. It offers an easy-to-use browser interface for managing the system.

As a SIP adapter, you can register up to 4 RingCentral extensions, giving you flexibility as to how you want to set up your RingCentral paging system.

Because VRCPA uses a web-based interface, it gives you an easily customizable experience. You can, for example, customize the pre-page tone by uploading a WAV file. You can set up a security code to protect the system. Play background music through VRCPA with automatic muting during pages.

The adapter can even drive up to 150 Valcom one-way amplified speakers, connecting multiple endpoints for multi-zone paging. In addition to IP connectivity, the adapter has standard telephone interfaces for failover.

Valcom VRCPA RingCentral Paging Adapter, Back

Valcom VRCPA Compatibility:

VRCPA is compatible with multiple types of paging speakers/systems:

  • Valcom IP Speakers/Horns
  • Valcom Analog One-Way or Talkback Speakers/Systems
  • 25/70V Speakers/Systems
  • Self-Amplified Speakers/Horns

For complete information on how to set up the adapter, consult the Valcom VRCPA Configuration Guide >

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