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Tely Labs' New telyHD Video Conferencing

Tely Labs' New telyHD Video Conferencing

Jay Brant • Nov 21, 2013 •

Video conferencing is widely becoming accepted as the way to communicate. Face-to-face interactions provide both ends of the conversation with more trust and appreciation for the person they are interacting with. Problems many companies run into involve the cost of setting up infrastructure and the compatibility of video conferencing systems with their existing network. Over and over again, however, studies are showing that businesses want video conferencing abilities.

Tely Labs’ new telyHD products are set to meet this demand. The telyHD cameras simply plug into the HDMI ports on televisions or displays to deliver a rich multimedia and video conferencing experience. Both the “Pro Edition” and “Base Edition” of the telyHD cameras use similar hardware.

Here’s what the camera looks like:

Ports and Connectivity:

  • HDMI port: for TV or display connectivity at HD 720p
  • USB port: for peripheral/accessory connectivity
  • Ethernet port: for network/Internet/PC connectivity
  • Onboard WiFi receiver: also for network/Internet/PC connectivity

More Features:

  • Four built-in microphones
  • SD card reader
  • Web browser
  • Ringer
  • Remote control receiver
  • Skype certified

Included with the camera are a remote control, HDMI cable, AC power adapter and one year of free software updates.

How it Works

Basically, the telyHD appliance gives your HD display a camera, microphone array and Internet connectivity. When combined with the display’s screen and speakers, the telyHD appliance is a fully functional video conferencing device. The SD card reader, web browser and WiFi connectivity set the telyHD camera apart from “smart” TV’s that seek to deliver the same level of performance.

Base Edition

Upgradable to the Pro Edition

Tely Labs’ telyHD camera is Skype-certified for immediate out-of-the-box deployment. Plug the camera in to an HD television and connect the camera to the Internet. The telyHD does not require a PC connection—it includes its own web browser. Log into your Skype account and you’re set!

The Base Edition is perfect for businesses, healthcare or just in the home. Use it to video chat or even as a speakerphone.

Pro Edition

The Pro Edition of the telyHD camera is also Skype-certified and doesn’t require a PC connection, but it’s been given a heavy software boost for optimal performance. One aspect that businesses will appreciate is the Pro Edition’s SIP compatibility so integrating the camera into an existing standards-based video conferencing network is easy. The Pro Edition can also support third-party services, such as cloud-based MCU’s and bridging services.

A one-year subscription to telyCloud comes standard with the Tely Labs telyHD Pro Edition. This cloud-based service provides support for up to six conference participants without having to install addition hardware. Also included is telyShare, which allows the telyHD camera to display multimedia on the connected display.

Take your video conferencing a step farther with the downloadable smartphone app, compatible with Android and iOS. This app turns your smartphone into a remote control, complete with web browsing capabilities, an onscreen keyboard and more.

The Breakdown:

Upgrades and Expansions

Not sure whether the Pro Edition is right for you? Start with the Base Edition and try it out. Upgrading from the Base Edition to the Pro Edition is simple.

The USB port on the telyHD appliance is designed for expansions, such as the telyHD audio pod. This device expands the range of voice input and output, with a built-in microphone and loudspeaker. The audio pod includes a 15-foot USB cable to connect to the telyHD camera.

Tely Labs’ new telyHD camera is a cost-effective means of integrating video conferencing into any business. It is also a smart way to expand an existing standards-based video conferencing network. The camera’s adaptable onboard features make it ideal for businesses across every industry.