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UCaaS for Small Business

UCaaS for Small Business

Jay Brant • Nov 06, 2018 •

UCaaS offers small businesses the incredible opportunity to get enterprise-class communications on an SMB budget.

Choosing UCaaS simplifies your infrastructure and management, reduces expenditure on equipment, and improves your collaboration. There’s a reason that the UCaaS market is supposed to hit $30 billion USD by 2021!

But let’s back up. First, let’s answer:

What Is UCaaS?

UCaaS stands for “Unified Communications as a Service.”

“Unified communications” refers to how the platform is a complete solution: VoIP, video conferencing, corporate chat, content sharing, and more. All of these workplace technologies are on the same platform, reducing friction.

“As a service” means that you subscribe to a plan from a UCaaS vendor instead of owning and operating all the backend equipment yourself. They handle the technical side so you can get on with your business.

You might call it cloud unified communications or hosted unified communications. It’s all the same thing: UCaaS.

Small Business

UCaaS Benefits for Small Business

The global installation base of UCaaS is growing by an estimated 25% per year. Subscriber numbers have doubled in three years. Almost 8 million subscribers have already chosen UCaaS. Why are so many businesses going the UCaaS route?

Why Choose UCaaS?

Businesses that choose a UCaaS solution tend to highlight one thing in particular: peace of mind. UCaaS is a headache removing remedy. Why? Here’s nine reasons:

Lower Initial Costs. You’re not buying and installing expensive communications equipment, so you save a lot on the front-end.

Cost Management. UCaaS pricing is recurrent and steady, so your budgeting will be simplified. You’re able to plan your communications expenses better.

Choice of Features. You’re able to choose UCaaS packages with the features that you need. Service providers upgrade their equipment regularly, so you will likely find new features added at a faster clip.

Advanced Features. Certain technologies, like multipoint video conferencing, are very expensive if you want to own and operate all the equipment yourself. With UCaaS, you have access to advanced features that would otherwise be out of your price-range.

Mobile Integration. Almost every UCaaS provider offers mobile integration, which means you can carry your workplace extension anywhere you go.

Ease of Installation and Management. All you need to do is connect your phones, cameras, and computers together. No more dealing with communications servers or codecs.

Out-Source Tech Support. Instead of paying for an expensive in-house support staff you only need occasionally when things aren’t going right, you can rely on the expert support of the UCaaS vendor, which is included at no additional cost.

Scalability. You’re not limited by your equipment, so you never run into situations like this: you want to add a seventh group member, but your codec only supports six, so you’re either stuck or you need to break out the wallet. Add or subtract users as you need them with consistent costs.

Futureproofing. Because service providers are dedicated companies that need to meet customer demand, they will almost certainly upgrade their unified communications equipment and features more rapidly than you’re able to.

What UCaaS provider is best for my business?

The UCaaS market is full of options. Sifting through all of them can be very difficult. That’s why we offer free unbiased consultation and free quotes for cloud-based unified communications.

We’re an independent company. We’ve researched the UCaaS vendors to ensure their quality and determine what features they offer for what budget.

All you need to do is fill out the form here: VoIP Phone Service.

One of our friendly, expert sales representatives will be in touch within 24 business hours with a quote for a UCaaS system that works for your business.