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Dolby Conference Phone

We all know Dolby from the movie theater. Imagine Dolby Audio—at your conference table. With Dolby Conference Phone, that's what you get.

Dolby Conference Phone provides 360° audio with full-room pickup using a cutting-edge microphone array. It works as both a standard open SIP phone, compatible with a wide range of VoIP providers, and as part of a Dolby Voice™ room system. With Dolby Voice™, you get improved audio performance including spatial audio with class-leading voice separation. Dolby has partnered with leading VoIP system builders, including Cisco, Avaya, and Mitel, to ensure SIP interoperability.

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Dolby Conference Phone

The Dolby Advantage

Dolby Conference Phone offers so much for the conference call. We break it down for you below.

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Dolby Conference Phone Dolby Conference Phone - VCP9000-5 Ships the Same Business Day
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Dolby Satellite Microphone Kit Dolby Satellite Microphone Kit - VEM900-5 Ships the Same Business Day
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The Dolby Advantage

Dolby Conference Phone is the premier conference phone for business. With a stylish perforated dome grille with elegant LED status halo and capacitive touchscreen, Dolby Conference Phone graces the conference table.

But it's not just what's outside that counts with Dolby Conference Phone: it's what's inside that sets it apart from the other devices in its class.

Dolby Conference Phone
Conference Phone
Generic Conference Phone
Other Premium
Conference Phones
Dynamic Leveling Yes No
Full-Room Pickup Yes No
Room Flexibility Yes No
Full-Duplex Audio Yes Yes
Acoustic Echo Cancellation Yes Yes
Dolby Noise Reduction Yes No
Wideband Audio Yes Yes
Spatial Audio Support Yes No
Dolby Voice™ Ready Yes No
SIP Compatibility Yes Yes

Dolby Conference Phone vs the Competition

Dolby Conference Phone is a device apart from other business conference phones. When compared with other conference phones in its class, Dolby Conference Phone offers real advantages that help your business. The single biggest issue people have with conference phones is audio quality. Voices sound muddy or conversations become chaotic or reverb makes words hard to pick out.

Dolby Audio. In Your Conference Room.

Dolby's Dynamic leveling technology detects voices and adjusts levels so everyone is heard, no matter where they're sitting. The highly sensitive microphone array combined with its round design means even distant voices are captured. Dolby's legendary noise reduction technology improves audio even more, giving you room flexibility: you don't need to worry about positioning Dolby Conference Phone directly in the center. It can pick out the voices.

When you use it as part of a Dolby Voice™ room system, you get advantages like one-touch conference start using Bluetooth. But you also get even better sound. Using Dolby's purpose-built audio coding technology, you get spatial audio: incredibly lifelike sound quality that keeps voices clear and in their own position.

Dolby Conference Phone Is a Video Conferencing Hub

We're not done. Dolby Conference Phone is more than just an incredible audio conferencing device. It's a fully-functional video conferencing hub.

Take Dolby Conference Phone. Add a USB camera. Connect to a computer hub like an Intel NUC to be used with a compatible hosted video service like BlueJeans or Highfive. You have the makings of a professional video conferencing system.

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