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2N LTE Verso Modular IP Video Intercom

2N LTE Verso Modular IP Video Intercom

Jay Brant • Aug 22, 2019 •

2N has built the world’s first 4G-connected intercom: 2N LTE Verso. This intercom offers an entirely new connectivity option for audio and video communications at doorways.

This unique SIP intercom solves the problem of how to provide first-class communications in situations that used to be difficult like in retrofitted buildings or remote gates.

Moreover, it’s a modular intercom that lets you build the communications device for the specific deployment.

2N LTE Verso comes in two different colors:

2N IP Verso Main Units

2N LTE Verso Intercom

Here’s the basic lowdown on the LTE Verso main unit.

2N is known for making sleek devices with stylish, contemporary design. LTE Verso is no different.

It is a SIP intercom, which makes it compatible with a wide range of VoIP systems and services, including Avaya, Axis Communications, BroadSoft, Cisco, Milestone, and Yealink.

You can securely configure the intercom through the cloud using 2N Remote Configuration. It is managed via a web-based GUI.

As a full-duplex intercom, it has a built-in microphone and 2W speaker. It provides HD audio with automatic echo cancellation.

It comes with an integrated color camera with night vision. The camera is hidden from normal view behind dark glass, which adds an extra layer of security. It has a wide-angle field of view for capturing faces close to the intercom.

LTE Verso uses a standard Micro-SIM card for cellular connection. It has additional I/O and relay connectors for adding control of a door strike or similar external device.

It requires an external power supply.

If the installation prevents the internal LTE antenna from working, 2N offers the 2N LTE Verso External Antenna.

2N LTE Verso in Nickel and Black

2N LTE Verso Applications

Because 2N LTE Verso provides wireless connectivity using 4G, it fits applications that were previously difficult to manage.

Highspeed 4G LTE connectivity means you still get all the features of that the IP Verso intercom offers, including video communications.

We’re going to cover two applications:

  • Retrofitting
  • Remote Access


Because it uses cellular technology 2N LTE Verso works independently of existing Ethernet or analog wiring, so you don’t need to run either.

Running cables in existing buildings can be very expensive and time-consuming.

LTE Verso simplifies the retrofitting process greatly, because it doesn’t require cabling.


It can also be very expensive and time-consuming to run cabling out to remote locations like gates.

By using cellular connectivity, you no longer have to worry about it. The intercom can connect to a cell network.

LTE Verso is also vandal and weather resistant with an extended operating temperature range, so it is robust enough for outdoor installation.

2N LTE Verso Modular Intercom

2N LTE Verso is a modular intercom. Modularity enables you build the intercom that best fits the specific needs of the installation.

For a complete intercom, you need:

Main Unit + Module(s) + Frame(s)

One main unit can support numerous modules. Here’s a visualization of the modular process (taken from the 2N LTE Verso datasheet):

2N LTE Verso Modular Process

2N LTE Verso Modules

2N LTE Verso is compatible with the same modules as 2N IP Verso. You can use multiple modules with a single main unit.

At time of writing, 2N has produced over a dozen modules, including:

  • Touch Display
  • Keypad
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • RFID Card Reader
  • Bluetooth
  • Induction Loop
  • Infopanel
  • 5 Buttons

All the options might feel overwhelming, but don’t worry. It breaks down to three considerations:

  • Interface
  • Secure Entry
  • Accessibility & Information


People prefer different interfaces, which is why 2N lets you choose which interface you want the intercom to offer.

The keypad module and 5 buttons module provide traditional entry control with mechanical buttons. The keypad is a standard 12-button keypad with backlit buttons. It has a dedicated key for placing a call and another key for lock control. The 5 buttons module has, well, 5 buttons with nametags for a familiar, easy-to-use experience.

The touch keypad provides the same interface as the keypad module but using a capacitive touchscreen.

The touch display module offers a flexible smartphone-like interface. Here are some examples. It can show a structured phonebook with up to 10,000 contacts for large apartment buildings. Or a slideshow or video for office buildings. Or a regular keypad like the touch keypad module. Or a keypad with the numbers scrambled for extra protection from onlookers. And more!

2N LTE Verso Modules

Secure Entry

2N offers multiple methods of ensuring secure entry.

The fingerprint reader module uses optical recognition with the sensor protected by glass, which makes it useable in any weather condition. The reader is dust and water resistant. 2N has developed an algorithm that rejects counterfeit fingerprints.

The RFID card reader modules provide secure, touchless entry. 2N makes modules for both 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz RFID standards. Certain modules also integrate RFID entry with other technologies, like touch keypad or Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth reader module lets you use a smartphone for wireless entry using the 2N Mobile Key app for Android. You can enter by tapping the open button in the app or you can keep the phone and enter by touching the reader.

You can also use either the keypad or touch keypad modules for secure entry using PIN codes.

Accessibility & Information

The induction loop module improves building accessibility for hearing challenged individuals. It broadcasts audio into compatible hearing aids via an electromagnetic field. It has clear pictograms for operation.

The infopanel module provides a space for displaying information, such as hours of operation or house number. It has a backlight that you can control through the network.

2N LTE Verso Mounts

After selecting what modules you want to connect to the main unit, all you need is a mounting frame.

2N offers two basic options:

  • Surface-mount
  • Flush-mount

The frames come in either nickel or black with options for holding from one to three modules.

When installed with a 2N mount, the intercom will be vandal and weather resistant.

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