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3CX Month: Integrating Microsoft Office 365 with 3CX

Every business day for the month of November, we will be posting a useful tip for 3CX, a powerful SIP-based unified communications platform.

Any unified communications system that a business chooses to adopt these days needs to play nice with the infrastructure they already use. For most businesses, that means playing nice with Microsoft Office 365 and its applications that dominate the enterprise: Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Exchange.

3CX provides instant integration with Office 365.

3CX + Microsoft Office 365

With 3CX, you can set up your office communications system to sync your contacts with Office 365. You can import all your O365 contacts into 3CX so that when someone contacts you, their name will appear. You can call them back using the same info, no extra steps needed beyond how you’d call anybody. You can add contacts, so that wherever you are, you’ll have everything synced.

(Note: this requires the Windows 3CX client, 3CX v15 Pro edition, and an O365 account.)

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Press the setting icon in the bottom right of the dialpad
  2. Select Advanced Settings > Integration
  3. Select Office 365

There will then be some options for configuring it precisely how you want, before you need to enter your Office 365 username and password.

After that, you’re all set! It’s that simple.