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Aastra’s 6800i VoIP Phones with HD and SIP

Four fully featured models with limitless options.

Never fear, HD is here! Aastra’s 6800i series is a family of VoIP phones featuring high-definition audio and SIP. Better, clearer communications and more compatibility with your existing standards-based phone systems.

Aastra has introduced four new models, ranging from a slim two-line phone to a heavyweight 12-line phone with color display. Here’s the specs:

Two-Microphone Speakerphones

The Aastra 6867i VoIP phone and the Aastra 6869i VoIP phone feature a full duplex speakerphone with dual microphones. So not only is the phone providing HD audio to you, but the two voice inputs within the speakerphone ensure a better experience for users at the other end of the line as well.

Expansion Modules

Both the 6867i and the 6869i, and the Aastra 6865i VoIP phone can support up to three compatible expansion modules at once. Perfect for leveraging these phones’ high number of line appearances.

Two expansion modules are available for the 6800i series phones; the Aastra M685i with an LCD display and the Aastra M680i with a paper insert. Instantly view whether an extension is busy so you can effectively route incoming callers, speed dial frequently used numbers and more. The idea is to improve efficiency for power users like receptionists and office administrators.

Wall Mountable

All four of these models, including the Aastra 6863i VoIP phone, are wall mountable. The 6863i, for example, would be an excellent choice for mounting in a common area, a hallway or in a large facility. This phone is great for infrequent use, while still providing crystal-clear HD audio.

Four new phones, built to take full advantage of Aastra’s decades of telephony know-how. These phones are ready for the 21st century, bringing high-quality audio and interoperability into your office. The affordable price range puts the whole package together, positioning these phones as prime candidates for small and medium sized businesses looking to future-proof their telecommunications.