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Cortelco C-Series VoIP Phones

Cortelco C-Series VoIP Phones

Jay Brant • Dec 23, 2013 •

Ho ho ho, ring ring ring…

Ring in the holiday season with Cortelco phones. These VoIP phones feature support for SIP, PoE power supplies and HD voice. Best of all, they’re available at a cost-effective price range, perfect for making any small or medium-sized business feel a little jollier this time of year.

Cortelco has been in the telephony business since 1897. This company has been leading telecommunications innovations ever since, from the telegraph to today’s VoIP phone systems. The C-series from Cortelco is their latest addition to VoIP solutions.

Cortelco C56P & Cortelco C58P

The Cortelco C56P VoIP phone might be labeled as an entry-level device, but its stocking is stuffed full of features. This SIP-enabled phone offers HD audio through the handset and speakerphone, plus includes onboard echo cancellation for enhanced voice quality.

Two Ethernet switch ports on the back of the phone provide PoE, reducing the amount of cabling your workshop requires.

The Cortelco C58P VoIP phone is a step up from the C56P, offering an RJ9 headset jack, a busy lamp field and a few more included connectivity options. It also features a larger display.

Both the Cortelco C56P and C58P can support two line appearances. And both phones are elf-approved for workshops of any size.

Cortelco C60P & C62P

The Cortelco C60P VoIP phone can apply HD voice to both line appearances. This phone also offers more options for a connected headset, plus includes more programmable buttons for customizing the interface.

Another candy cane-sweet feature on the C60P is the available support for up to five C10 expansion modules. Easily transform this phone into a full-on attendant console.

The Cortelco C62P VoIP phone is an enterprise-class device with a total of four line appearances. With an affordable price tag, this phone is the one gift that will definitely return your investment. The C62P is also compatible with the C10 expansion module, with support for up to five modules.

Cortelco C10 Expansion Module

If the workshop at your business is busy with callers, this expansion module offers the right solution. The C10 expansion module from Cortelco is compatible with the C60P and C62P VoIP phones. View up to 30 programmable buttons, each with a busy lamp field. Power is provided from the host phone, capable of powering and supporting up to five daisy-chained C10 modules.

Cortelco’s century-plus of telephony know-how is on full display in the C-series. These phones won’t break your budget—and they also won’t break, in general. The C-series phones are designed to be reliable telephony solutions. Whether you’re calling to and from the North Pole, or just across the workshop, you’ll appreciate the features these VoIP phones have to offer.