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Digium Promotion for TE133 and TE134 Single Port T1 PCI Cards

Promotion available for a limited time!

The market for telephony boards for Asterisk has many players and the choice can be daunting. Is the best route to go low cost or reliable? Why not both? With all of the telephony cards to choose from there is great comfort in picking the same vendor, Digium, for your Asterisk hardware that is also the originator, sponsor and maintainer of Asterisk. The combination of Digium hardware and Asterisk software provides a cost-effective platform for building numerous communications solutions, from PBX systems and VoIP gateways to IVR servers, call centers and complete Unified Communications (UC) phone systems. Using Digium’s hardware guarantees that the money spent on telephony cards goes back into the Asterisk project and feeds the developers that continue to make Asterisk available as an Open Source Telephony Toolkit.

So what is the big deal? Low price and reliability!

Digium is offering a limited time promotion for their single span TE133 and TE134’s, with built in echo cancellation, for an incredibly low price of $495. Not only are these cards the only models on the market certified for use with Asterisk, they also offer improvements such as smaller footprint, low profile form factor, the ability to handle high jitter environments and decreased interrupt times, improving computer processor performance processor. This certification provides solution providers and end users assurance that their applications will function reliably and be backed by support from Digium.

If you are in the market for a new single span or any density digital card check out Digium. The single span promotion will save several hundred dollars per card over many other vendors. And using any Digium cards could lower the installation and administrative costs when building solutions using cards and Asterisk software designed and built by the same company.