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DrayTek Multi-WAN Routers with Failover Options, Load Balancing and Much More

3G/4G support, USB ports, analog ports, VPN tunnels…

VoIP phones and video conferencing systems are becoming more powerful. Network switches are offering better features and improved management options to keep up with changing work environments. What about your router?

DrayTek’s wired and wireless routers are cutting-edge solutions for modern businesses. Here are some of the available features:

  • Dual WAN ports for failover and load balancing
  • Multiple LAN ports
  • Analog/PSTN failover
  • USB ports for networking
  • 3G/4G support
  • Analog ports
  • VPN tunnels
  • IPv6 WAN protocol
  • QoS bandwidth management
  • Wireless-n

DrayTek also builds wireless-n access points, designed to support future-proof WiFi networks.

A little background info…

Businesses are facing diverse network demands like never before. Data, VoIP, video, IP surveillance… it all uses the same routes to traverse your network.

Around 40% of DrayTek’s human resources are dedicated to research and development, and solving the problems that businesses encounter from having to support so many different types of IP traffic.

DrayTek Routers

Routers from DrayTek are available as single-WAN, dual-WAN or multi-WAN models. The routers with several WANs support options like failover and load balancing.

Connect more than one ISP (Internet service provider) to the dual/multi-WAN routers. Failover support lets the router direct traffic to another ISP should one of the ISPs stop communicating, so your network remains functional. Load balancing means that the router can send and receive an equal amount of network traffic across each ISP, and not overload a single ISP.

On DrayTek routers, “WAN” does not only refer to an RJ45 connection. The models with USB ports can support a second or third WAN through a cellular 3G/4G carrier. Plug in a compatible USB dongle provided by your cellular carrier, and the router can connect to your cell phone’s existing 3G/4G network.

The USB ports can also be used to connect networkable printers, storage devices and (on some models) temperature sensors.

A few more features to highlight…

FXO and FXS ports for connecting to a PSTN and analog phones. Provide a failover connection to a PSTN, with ports available for directing connecting an analog phone to the router.

Support teleworkers and remote access through VPNs, firewalls and other security features. With all of the great capabilities of DrayTek routers, security is still a huge priority, especially for modern networks.

Manage your network through the smart, web-based GUI.

Here’s a sampling of the available routers:

DrayTek Vigor2960 Wired Router

The DrayTek Vigor2960 router is built to support high-speed Internet access, regardless of how many users or applications are negotiating traffic across the device. Dual WAN interfaces and multiple LAN interfaces with gigabit Ethernet support provide ultra fast network connectivity.

This router also offers features like 200 VPN and 20 SSL VPN tunnels, dual USB ports with temperature sensor support, and a Smart Monitor Traffic Analyzer.

DrayTek Vigor2925Vn Plus Wireless Router

Connect to the DrayTek Vigor2925Vn Plus wireless router in multiple ways, all through highly secure interfaces. The router includes two gigabit WAN ports, five gigabit LAN ports, two USB ports, two FXS ports and one FXO/lifeline port—and a wireless-n radio. Enable failover through your ISP, PSTN or 3G/4G network.

With this wireless router, the possibilities for VoIP, video and IP-based devices are nearly endless. Ensure that your network is up and running, regardless or any unpredictable network problems.

DrayTek Vigor2860n Plus Wireless Router

The DrayTek Vigor2860n Plus wireless router features a xDSL2/2+, RJ11/RJ45 gigabit-Ethernet WAN1 port and a gigabit-Ethernet, RJ45 WAN2 port. LAN is supported through a total of six gigabit-Ethernet ports, offering an unprecedented number of LAN connectivity options.

Wireless-n radio and USB ports provide more endpoint connections, from IP devices and networkable equipment, to cellular networks.

The word “network” is used a lot these days. A network is the collaborative effort of likewise forces, solutions, or—for lack of a better word—things. Modern businesses have access to data networks, VoIP networks, video networks, IP surveillance networks… and so on and so on.

DrayTek is building better solutions for managing multiple forms of networks through a single device. Failover and load balancing, USB ports, analog ports and more let you leverage your existing networks and IP equipment like never before.