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Fanvil SIP Intercoms: Network-Empowered Door Entry

Fanvil SIP intercoms provide office buildings, apartments, and gateways with network-empowered options for door entry control.

Fanvil has an open standards philosophy. Their IP products, including Fanvil phones, are known for working with the broadest range of VoIP platforms. Not only has Fanvil worked closely with 3CX and BroadSoft to ensure compatibility of their phones and intercoms, but these devices also work with Asterisk, Epygi, Xorcom, Yeastar, OpenVox, and many more.

With options for video door phones, built-in RFID controls, and IP65 and IK10 rated casings, Fanvil has a network-empowered intercom for almost any situation.

Fanvil i18 SIP Intercom

Fanvil SIP Intercoms

Fanvil intercoms are much more than just intercoms: they’re part of a secure, easy to manage door entry system. In each intercom is a high-powered IP phone.

The Fanvil door entry controls connect to your IP network using Ethernet. They all support PoE (Power over Ethernet), so you can power the intercom through the same cable that connects it to your network. They run, as we said above, SIP, the most broadly employed VoIP protocol today.

Because Fanvil intercoms are connected to your network, you can securely manage them from a workstation. This makes scaling the system, managing users, checking alarms, and setting prescribed actions much simpler when compared with traditional intercoms.

It’s the convenience of an IP desk phone at the door.

In terms of sound, you get wideband audio with background noise reduction, acoustic echo cancellation, and other sound improvement technologies that make conversations at work clear. With the intercoms, they let users hear what’s being said to them without dealing with the static-filled, muffled sound we’re used to with intercoms. The intercoms provide full-duplex calls using the built-in microphone and speaker.

Fanvil i30S SIP Intercom


Fanvil offers a number of different models with different modes of using them.

For example, the Fanvil i30S has a built-in HD video camera that takes 720p HD video with a generous field of view, necessary for the up-close usage that door phones provide. The keypad allows users to dial numbers. The RFID reader lets you program RFID cards or keyfobs to allow secure entry. A devoted button allows for easy intercom calling to a dedicated number.

So users have secure, simple methods of interaction.

Other models of Fanvil intercoms have just a single button, perfect for calling support or help. The variety of controls suit different use-cases.

Fanvil i21 SIP Intercom


Of course, no door entry solution would be worth its salt without proper security, both physical and cyber.

Fanvil produces intercoms that are IP65 and IK10 rated. IP65 means that it’s protected against dust ingress and water spray from all directions. IK10 means that it’s protected against an impact equivalent to a 5 kg object dropped from 400 mm. What you need to know is that these ratings are objective standards to show that Fanvil intercoms are tough.

What’s more, the Fanvil intercoms that meet these ratings are also rated for a very broad operating temperature range. They can be used in conditions ranging from -40°F to 158°F, which is pretty incredible.

All this, for a network-enabled intercom.

For network security, the Fanvil door phones support Open VPN, so you can have them connected privately. 802.1x authentication and HTTPS support are further, business-grade solutions for protecting VoIP endpoints.

So you see, Fanvil gives you a top-class IP phone in an intercom.

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