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Grandstream’s Android VoIP Phone

A buttoned-up version of Android for business.

Unless you own an iPhone, the smartphone in your pocket is likely powered by Google’s Android operating system. The latest estimates peg Android as owning 80% of the world’s cell phone market share. All of the fun features that make Android so popular aren’t just reserved for cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices anymore.

Grandstream’s GXP2200 multimedia phone includes Android 2.3.

Good luck finding another Android-powered desktop phone—especially one as affordable as the Grandstream GXP2200.

Android for the Desktop

Android provides the Grandstream GXP2200 IP phone with a powerful catalog of downloadable applications and features. These apps include:

  • Skype
  • Google Voice
  • Microsoft Lync Client

And social media:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

All of which are compatible with the Grandstream GXP2200’s vivid touchscreen.

The available Android SDK also gives you the tools to develop your own applications. These tools are great for deploying an array of Grandstream GXP2200 VoIP phones and providing them with the same proprietary set of features.

Grandstream GXP2200 Features

  • Line Appearances: 6
  • Connections: two gigabit-speed Ethernet ports (includes PoE)
  • More Interfaces:
    • RJ9 (for headsets and compatible EHS equipment)
    • USB
    • SD card reader
    • proprietary expansion module connector
  • Voice Quality: HD through handset or speakerphone
  • Video Quality: 1080p full HD, color
  • Protocol Support: SIP, H.264, MPEG4
  • Display: touchscreen, 480 x 272px

Each of the interfaces and connections, when combined with Grandstream’s know-how and Android’s full range of features, give the GXP2200 nearly limitless possibilities. Best of all, the Grandstream GXP2200 features support for many standards-based protocols, meaning technology won’t get in the way.

Grandstream GXP2200EXT Attendant Console

Attach the Grandstream GXP2200EXT expansion module to the GXP2200 VoIP phone to turn it into an advanced attendant console. The Grandstream GXP22000EXT connects the phone with 20 programmable buttons. These programmable buttons can support bridged line appearances and shared line appearances, and support for basic and advanced call functions. Utilize the busy lamp field (BLF) to view real-time statuses of extension availability.

The Grandstream GXP2200EXT is unique for its highly programmable interface. Using the “switch key,” the 20 programmable buttons can view up to 40 numbers, just like turning the page of a book.

Four GXP2200EXT expansion modules can be daisy chained together to transform the Grandstream GXP2200 into a super-powered attendant console. This provides the phone with a grand total of 160 programmable buttons through four expansion modules, when the “switch key” feature is used.

As a phone, the Grandstream GXP2200 provides outstanding call clarity and advanced telephony features. With the inclusion of the Android operating system, the GXP2200 adds a tremendous boost to your office productivity. Android 2.3 turns your desktop device into much more than a phone, breaking the barriers of what you thought was possible.