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What does “unified firmware” mean for VoIP phones?
Several companies, including Yealink and Grandstream, use as a selling point the fact that all the models of VoIP phones in a particular series run “unified firmware.” But what does that mean and why is it a very important feature? To answer this question, we’re going to give a brief explanation of what firmware is and then go into why series of VoIP Phones with unified fi …
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Grandstream GRP Series VoIP Phones are now compatible with Zoom Phone
Zoom has become one of the most popular communications platforms in the world, and not just for video conferencing, where it’s become a common verb: Let’s Zoom. Zoom Phone is a complete hosted VoIP service that provides a cloud-based solution for phone calls and associated applications. As simple to use for telephony as Zoom Meetings is for video conferencing, Zoom Pho …
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How to find the best home office VoIP phone
In the past two years, the home office has become an increasingly common work location for an enormous number of Americans. Whether it’s a remote worker who works entirely from home or a hybrid worker who splits their time between home and the office, they’ll need a professional communications device: a VoIP phone for the home office. While softphone applications are c …
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