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How To Video: Grandstream 7801 Basic Configuration and Management

Network Switches are the backbone of professional computer networks.

A network switch is a dedicated computer for connecting all the devices like PCs, VoIP phones, and so on to an IP network. It provides a physical link to devices via Ethernet cables (or fiber optic cables).

A PoE switch drives power to endpoints via Ethernet cables while simultaneously connecting the endpoints to the network via the same cables. PoE switches streamline infrastructure.

Grandstream’s new GWN7800 Series of Managed Network Switches are an ideal solution for establishing a professional network on a budget. With PoE and non-PoE options, GWN7800 switches are feature-rich without overloading you.

For a basic overview of the series including a breakdown of the different available models, check out our blog, “Unboxing Video: Grandstream GWN7801 Network Switch.” And if you want to see what GWN7801 looks like and what you get when you buy it, check the video out!

Grandstream GWN7800 Series Network Switches

Configuring and Managing a Grandstream GWN7800 Switch

We decided that just showing you the switch wasn’t enough.

In this new video, one of our expert engineers guides you step-by-step through basic configuration and management of Grandstream GWN7801, with an emphasis on using the switch for VoIP applications. He shows you the switch’s user interface and how to navigate it.

Topics covered include:

  • Connecting to the switch for the first time
  • Changing the name of the switch
  • Checking firmware version to ensure it’s up-to-date
  • Monitoring ports and changing basic settings
  • Configuring and adding VLANs, including Voice VLANs
  • Tagging ports for VoIP optimization
  • Modifying the port type (hybrid, access, trunk)
  • Specifying LLDP network policies
  • Editing time settings

This video is just an introduction. If you require additional support, we offer Grandstream Network Switch Tech Support with an expert engineer.