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Obihai’s Acclaimed ATAs and VoIP Adapters

Obihai’s Acclaimed ATAs and VoIP Adapters

Jay Brant • May 09, 2014 •

The much-admired new VoIP solution for small businesses.

How does paying less than $3 per month for VoIP service sound? If you haven’t heard of Obihai, you will soon (and not just through this blog). Obihai’s ATAs and VoIP adapters are quickly becoming popular as a means of providing affordable VoIP to businesses and homes.

Obihai is a fairly new Silicon Valley company founded by individuals well rehearsed in voice and video technology, manufacturing and marketing. The product of this collaboration is the Obihai brand of ATAs and VoIP adapters.

The OBi100 and OBi200 series ATAs are simple to install. Connect the OBi device to your Internet router or network switch, connect your phones and add a VoIP service (make sure VoIP service is compatible with the ATAs).

Through the OBiTALK service, OBi ATAs can provide completely free VoIP. Both endpoints must have the OBiTALK service and an OBi ATA, but after that, all you need is a phone and the Internet.

Otherwise, approved service providers cost OBi users on average of $120 (with OBi100 devices) or $130 (with OBi200 devices) per year. With approved services costing as low as $3 per month!

Setting up the OBi ATA through the OBiTALK web portal lets you integrate smartphones, computers and mobile devices with your compatible VoIP service. Choose an OBi model with an FXO port or failover capabilities to also integrate a PSTN. The Obihai OBi110 ATA, for example, includes both an FXS and FXO port.

Obihai OBi200 Series & Accessories

The OBi200 series ATAs are similar to the OBi100 series, with the major difference being the inclusion of a USB port. The USB port is compatible with Obihai’s accessories, including the wireless adapter and Bluetooth adapter.

The OBiWIFI USB adapter lets you connect the ATA to a WiFi router. The OBiBT Bluetooth adapter forwards calls from your smartphone to your desktop phone, while also allowing you to make calls from through desktop phone through your smartphone’s cellular service.


Obihai OBi508vs VoIP Adapter

For more flexibility and more telephony options, the Obihai OBi508vs VoIP adapter is the way to go. Plug in all of the available Obihai accessories, your telephony services and phones.

Obihai OBi508vs connections:

  • 8 FXS ports for analog endpoints
  • 1 PSTN failover port, relays to FXS port #1
  • 3 USB ports for Obihai accessories
  • 4-port Ethernet switch (1 port with gigabit E)
  • 1 line-in audio port
  • 1 line-out audio port

The OBi508vs is compatible with premise-based PBXs like Asterisk or other SIP-based phone systems. Use this ATA to connect up to eight analog endpoints, including phones or fax machines, to your IP service.

Should your VoIP service or IP PBX fail, the PSTN port lets you continue telephony through one FXS port. A failover is ideal for maintaining telephony in the event of a power outage or when the IP network is down for maintenance.

Plug the OBiWIFI and OBiBT wireless adapters into the USB ports to integrate a WiFi router or Bluetooth-enabled mobile device with your office’s phone system.

The single line-in audio port provides a means of adding music-on-hold to your waiting calls. The line-out audio port is ready for paging systems or other outputs.

Obihai’s leadership is putting the company on the fast track. The OBi100, OBi200 and OBi508vs ATAs and VoIP adapters are quick to install, affordable and easy to use. Telecommunications no longer has to be expensive, especially with Obihai’s line of reliable VoIP products.

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