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Ooma Telo & Office VoIP Phone Systems

Ooma Telo & Office VoIP Phone Systems

Jay Brant • Apr 02, 2014 •

Fully featured VoIP with low monthly rates. Hello, small businesses!

Have an Internet service provider and analog phones? Combine them with Ooma, the easiest solution for small business VoIP. All you have to do is set up the Ooma hardware, port your existing number or set up a new one, connect your existing phones or available Ooma phones to the system, and then you’re off!

Wireless extensions, wireless adapters and more accessories make Ooma even more accessible. Ooma is available in two flavors: Ooma Telo for small offices and Ooma Office for small businesses.

Both versions of Ooma feature the telephony options that businesses want. Caller ID, call waiting and voicemail are standard with the service. Enjoy lifelike conversations through Ooma PureVoice technology, delivering HD-quality calling between your phone and other HD networks.

The Ooma phone systems work like this (Ooma Office pictured):

One physical port is available for directly connecting to a fax machine or analog phone. The Linx devices plug into an available power outlet and provide communications between the phone and the system. Connect a phone to the Linx device, and then the Linx device connects to the Ooma phone system via secure DECT.

Ooma Telo

Ooma Telo provides free VoIP calling across the continental U.S. after you purchase the hardware. All that you have to pay are the standard taxes and fees that all telephone companies are required to charge for service.

A 60-day free trial of Ooma Premier is included with Ooma Telo. Premier provides the phone system with an “Instant Second Line,” do not disturb options, call forwarding to a mobile device, voicemail forwarding to email and Google Voice extensions.

Ooma Office offers even more options. Both systems can be expanded and scaled by purchasing more phone numbers, opening additional extensions and (like mentioned earlier) installing wireless adapters. Here’s how the two systems compare:

Ooma Office

A virtual receptionist, music-on-hold and ring groups let Ooma Office turn your phones into a working call center. Or just enable this phone system to give your small business a professional appearance by setting up the receptionist with greetings and more. Play promotional messages through the music-on-hold function while callers are waiting.

Up to 15 virtual extensions mean that you can integrate smartphones with the Ooma Office phone system. Simply forward your incoming calls to your cell phone or download the Ooma app to a compatible iPhone or Android smartphone. Turn your cell phone into its own extension.

The ring groups can include any number of extensions, including virtual extensions. Ring groups ensure that incoming callers don’t reach a dead end, but that they find someone to take their call.

Conferencing bridging is just one of the many functions that Ooma Office includes to support remote collaboration. Up to five participants can join a phone conference, each supplied with their own PIN access code. Forwarding voicemail to email and other features also support remote communications.

Add more extensions or more numbers to the system for $9.99/month each.

Choose the right solution for your home office or small business. Ooma phone systems make it possible to integrate high-definition VoIP with your business telephony. The Linx devices let you set up your phones anywhere around the office and you can combine your own cell phones. Wireless LAN adapters also give you the freedom to move the system wherever you want. Maybe best of all, Ooma can save you money off your monthly phone bill.