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Polycom CX5500 and CX5100

Polycom CX5500 and CX5100

Jay Brant • Jul 25, 2013 •

The CX5000, an HD Unified Conference Station that offers 720p HD active-speaker video, is being followed by the CX5500 and CX5100 video collaboration systems. These new systems deliver a panoramic video experience that can help businesses have more productive meetings, since it sits on a tabletop and creates natural conversation amongst both participants in the room and at the remote end.

The CX5500 and CX5100 panoramic video solutions and sit on the center of the table and give a richer and more collaborative, interactive experience. The Polycom CX5500 offers enterprise grade video and audio collaboration. It can be plugged in to a USB port on a laptop for an easier collaborative experience. The CX5500 also can serve as an SIP audio conference phone. The CX5100 also offers USB video experiences, but does not offer the standalone conference phone connectivity.

CX5500 and CX5100 Updated Features

Compared to the CX5000, the CX5500 and CX5100 offer many updates. They retain the unique around-the-table design to deliver a 360-degree collaborative experience, but they have more than twice the HD video image quality. Double the frame rate offers more lifelike motion handling, and HD Voice ensures the highest possible audio quality. The CX5500 and CX5100 have other updates like a new interface, updated design and an integrated privacy cap.

Microsoft Lync and the CX5500 and CX5100

Polycom designed the CX5500 and CX5100 to be interoperable with Microsoft Lync. In organizations using a Microsoft Lync environment, they offer many benefits. The new interface is designed to specifically work within a Lync environment, by delivering the ability to launch or connect to a call directly from within the Lync environment. The USB connectivity gives an easy way to connect to any laptop that's running Microsoft Lync.

Polycom CX5500 and CX5100 Benefits

The Polycom CX5500 video collaboration solution boasts a lower total cost of ownership, since it can function as both an HD collaboration environment and a fully featured SIP conference phone to reduce capital costs for organizations that need both. Since the CX5500 and CX5100 are easy to use, provision, and configure, companies are able to save on training and IT costs.

The user-friendly design can drive adoption while making setup and call initiation easy by using a connected computer. The CX5500 and CX5100 are able to be used with the Lync Room System, another recently announced system, that offers 360-degree tables and a designed-for-Lync system that includes touchscreen monitors and a tabletop touch controller.