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Polycom CX8000 Video Conferencing System

Built on Microsoft Lync Room System software.

Polycom builds powerful video conferencing equipment. Microsoft creates innovative communications software. Together, these companies have developed the powerful Polycom CX series video conferencing equipment. Their latest creation is the Polycom CX8000, designed for Microsoft Lync 2013.

Two models are available, one including a panoramic camera and the other including a front-of-room camera.

Here’s what the two models share:

  • Camera Specs: up to full HD, 1080p, at 30 frames per second.
  • Microsoft Lync: built for MS Lync 2013, and can support MS Lync 2010*
  • Office 365: real-time sharing and editing
  • Conferencing Features: content sharing and dual monitor support
  • Manageable Features: room controls, A/V and more

* not all features of the CX8000 may be backwards compatible

With the Polycom CX8000, video conferencing can turn into real-time collaboration. Share documents with participants and then edit the contents together. This type of collaboration requires MS Lync 2013, but the return of investment will be immediate.

Remote coworkers can finally bridge the gap and work together as if they were in the same office. Projects can move from proposals to closing the deal within a fraction of the time it used to. No more attaching documents to email and waiting for a reply, or faxing proposals back and forth.

Both available models include a 10” touchscreen. This device is actually the system’s controller, giving the user a dynamic method of interacting with live conferences. Imagine if the single universal remote that controls your home’s TV, DVD player, Blu-Ray player and sound system wasn’t riddled with buttons; but instead it was a touchscreen that could let you access menus and applications. Easier, right?

The whole idea behind Polycom’s CX8000 is to make collaboration simple. And the high-quality voice and audio support make conference participants seem like they’re in the same room.

One model goes a step further to build an all-encompassing video conferencing experience. The panoramic camera included with the Polycom CX8000 360 video conferencing system, or Center of Table edition, lets remote participants feel like they’re in the middle of the action (literally).

Set up this camera (shown to right) in the center of the meeting room or table. When it hears a participant engaging in the conference, the camera pans towards the direction of the voice. The other participants can then see the speaker as if they were turning their own head, which allows all participants to truly interact face-to-face.

This panoramic camera also makes remote participants more accessible to the speaker. Meaning, speakers can read from notes without it being so obvious, show tangible items or printed documents to the camera, and otherwise interact in ways that are not possible with other video conferencing equipment.

An alternative to the panoramic model is the Polycom CX8000 FOR video conferencing system, or Front of Room edition. Set up the camera in this model in close proximity to the display. This model is meant to combine a more traditional video conferencing experience with advanced content sharing and Microsoft Lync-enabled applications.

The challenge for businesses with remote offices or distant partners is the physical space between them. The CX8000 video conferencing system from Polycom and Microsoft meets this challenge by providing real-time collaboration. This system can do it all, from voice communications to creating a virtual UC environment.