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Do VoIP phone systems support video conferencing?
Let’s get the answer out of the way quick: yes, some VoIP Phone Systems will also support video conferencing. Some, but not all. Now, the rest of this blog is going to explain this answer in more depth. We’re going to cover both on-premise VoIP phone systems and hosted (or cloud-based) VoIP phone systems. If you want to learn more about VoIP phone systems in general …
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What’s the difference between Logitech Tap, Tap IP and Tap Scheduler?
In the business world, Logitech is known for their collaboration solutions that particularly excel in being interoperable with wide ranges of platforms. They design stylish devices for solving everyday problems. To meet the increasing demand for professional video conferencing solutions, Logitech has introduced three similarly named devices: Logitech Tap, Logitech Tap IP a …
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Logitech Rally Bar makes cinema-quality video conferencing simple
One of the pain points of video conferencing is having to worry about all the different devices. Are they good enough? Will they work together? Will they work with my platform? What if you could wipe away these worries and just start collaborating? That’s what Logitech Rally Bar offers you: worry-free video conferencing of the highest standard. This all-in-one vi …
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