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Compatible microphones for Yealink Microsoft Teams video conferencing systems
When it comes to video conferencing systems, the focus is usually on the camera (no pun intended). But how people sound is as important as how they look. If people sound muffled, if there’s lots of background noise, if people’s voices aren’t distinguished well — if any of these common issues occurs, it can harm a video call as much as highly pixelated or ou …
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How to combine two video conferencing systems into one larger system
Can you use two smaller video conferencing systems as one larger video conferencing system? If you could, you could leverage the devices you already own while being able to adapt to changing collaboration demands. Yes, you can merge two video conferencing systems into one larger system. Using two Yealink AVHubs, you connect two separate Yealink Microsoft Teams Rooms (MVC) …
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How to build a BYOD video conferencing system for extra-large rooms that works with Cisco Webex
As a business-class virtual meeting platform, Cisco Webex is one of the premier communications systems. But it can be difficult to establish a Webex video conferencing system in extra-large conference rooms where you’ll want multiple cameras to provide optimal coverage. In this blog, we give an example of how to build a BYOD system with multiple cameras for Cisco Webex …
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