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Recording a Call to your Windows PC from the Jabra PRO 9400 Series Headset

Record a call to your Windows PC.

Call recording is a highly sought-after feature for most businesses. A lot of businesses don’t know how vital this feature is until after they’ve set up their phone system.

Recording calls lets you settle customer disputes, add a new measure for quality control and save phone conferences for later, among many other possible uses.

The Jabra PRO 9400 series headsets can record calls directly to your Windows PC. Rather than having to upgrade your phone system to support call recording or purchase a new phone with local call recording capabilities, the headsets let you leverage your existing computer.

Connect the headset’s charging base to either your desk phone or mobile device. The charging base also features a USB port for connecting to the PC. Calls from your phone can be copied to the call recording software on your computer.

Jabra Pro 9400 Series

How do I set up the call recording feature?

You can turn on the call recording feature in one of three ways. The Jabra PRO 9460, Jabra PRO 9465 and Jabra PRO 9470 headsets have a charging base with a touchscreen that makes setting up your headset's features incredibly easy (the Jabra PRO 9450 headset does not include the touchscreen). When the headset is not in use, press the “settings” button on the touchscreen to access call recording; while in a call, press the “call options” button on the touchscreen.

The call recording feature can also be turned on from Jabra PC Suite, compatible with all of the Jabra PRO 9400 series headsets. Jabra PC Suite is software for your computer that lets you manage and control your Jabra PRO 9400 series headset, and is freely downloadable from Jabra’s website: Jabra PC Suite. In the application window, press the “Audio” tab and select the option “Forward mobile and deskphone conversations to PC for recording.”

Jabra Pro 9400 Touchscreen

Record your calls to Windows Sound Recorder

If you do not have third-party recording software downloaded to your PC, you can use Windows Sound Recorder. Select the Jabra PRO 9400 headset as a recording device from your PC’s control panel—make sure it’s the default recording device!

Open Windows Sound Recorder and turn on call recording from the headset’s charging base. Click “Start Recording” on Sound Recorder and you’re set! Your calls should start recording to your PC.

Save your calls to your PC’s hard drive, playback your calls through Windows Media Player, email your calls to coworkers, and so on and so on.

Jabra PC Suite

How does the call recording feature work?

Keep Windows Sound Recorder or another recording software open on your PC. When a call is coming in or you’re about to make a call, start the recording process. The PC will record the entire conversation, and all you need to do is use your mouse to start the process.

The Jabra PRO 9400 series is an innovative line of headsets designed to support busy office workers with an intuitive set up process and a wide range of productivity-driven features. Call recording is just one way that these headsets are changing the business world for the better.